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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Elliott Wave Intraday 2 July 2020

Looking to run to the parallel trendline perhaps for an upward flat.

Ending [ii] on "great job news".  Seems fitting.
5 minute charts show v = i depending on where you place the Fib tool. And it jumped the channel which in this case is bearish of course in the context of the primary count.
Yet another possible NASDAQ wedge
NYSE count.
There's the trendline touch
Banks got a rocket booster shot huh? Ok that was sarcasm.
The e-minis, all-hours now has a higher (c) than (a) by .25 points.  This would be a zigzag pattern. 5 waves to (a), 3 waves to (b) - in this case an expanding triangle - and 5 waves to (c) which must finish higher than (a) which so far it did.

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