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Friday, November 20, 2020

Elliott Wave Update ~ 20 November 2020

 It would look best if the early November all-time high was the wave 5 marker. It has the right look.

Another possible variation I'm keeping an eye on.
But we'll go with this short term count and assume further pullback for wave [ii] of 5.
But something again is going on. The pipes are clogged again, pressure is building. We've had a sudden jump in the NASDAQ Composite ratios again. And its significant.
GDOW stretched quite thin.
Tesla made that new high as we had suggested earlier in the week after labeling the wave 4 triangle.
This is a beautiful wave pattern. Its grand and majestic! but doomed all the same... 
Zoomed in up close. Having a hard time trying to break above the upper channel line. This is why 5 would look good as having finished and we just haven't realized it yet. We'll likely know this week if that is true or not....

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