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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Elliott Wave Update ~ 25 November 2020

God knows what is true and what is false. In the end all the liars and evil-doers will be banished. Those who believe in truth will live forever.  It's a simple message. And even in the ancient days where there was no exposure to a Christian God, how men and women conducted their lives was enough for judgment. 

If you murdered and lied and stole you were judged by God all the same. You were not exempt from God's laws just because you were ignorant of Him. Evil is evil no matter what the circumstance.

Donald Trump won the election in a landslide. Anyone with a lucid and logical mind and look at simple facts at what occurred would agree. 

The stock market is a reflection of the amount of fraud being perpetrated on the people.

All socialist/communist "elections" are a reflection of a massive fraud on the populace. Everyone knows this to be true.  

The fact that massive communist-style election fraud has finally reached the shores of the United States of America (the fraud happened in every election but now it has metastasized like a cancer.)

There is a complete loss of confidence in any election as a result. This is what happens in a country like Venezuela. Now it has happened in America. 

Some 60-90 million Americans know the truth and call out the fraud for what it is.

We are reaching the endgame. If Joe Biden is sworn is as president, you can bet that evil has won the day. For his "winning" the election was, and is, a complete fraud.

Why do I say this? Surely I am risking my blog for speaking truth. That is where we are in America today. Google already throttles my exposure on the internet.  They have done this since 2016. Zero Hedge dropped my link for no reason. 

All I can say is that truth is truth. Let the chips fall where they may. Everyone must answer to the Lord in the end. God knows the truth. He knows what resides in men's hearts.

The thing about social mood is that we "hide" in the waxing and waning of mood swings. We go to war because everyone else is going to war. 

We can escape and hide judgement from society, but we cannot escape judgement from God. He knows men's hearts.

Again, what does this have to do with Elliott waves Dan? Well, I ask you this simple question:

Why would an electronic voting system require an algorithm? Can't it just simply count the votes as required?

The same can be said for the stock market. Why are there algorithms dominating the supposedly "free" market?

The answers to all of these questions is because greed is greatest at the peak of social mood swings. And the greatest social mood swing peak at Grand Supercycle size is occurring!

We cannot escape judgement. The "free" market will not either. Because it never was a free market.  Yet it does reflect where we are.

We are at a point of "super greed" and  "in-your-face" gaslighting as a result. No one seems to care.

In the end, God makes things right. He had the wisdom to "throttle" us so we don't go to far in either direction. That is Elliott Wave theory in a nutshell. We are reaching the endgame of a Grand Supercycle peak. It actually is one long arc from the year 2000 rounding over the top very soon.  

The backside will not be well.

I have no fucking idea if this is the very "top' or not, but it counts well so what the heck.

Just close the fucking gap already! The fact that it refuses is telling.,

I expected a dip below this trendline and it may be happening,

Wow, wow!

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