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Friday, November 27, 2020

Elliott Wave Update ~ 27 November 2020

Obviously my last post elicited a lot of reaction in my email. I don't want to be a political (nor religious) blog, that's not what I'm about. I do however think the fraudulent election very much ties into the stock market, wave counting, social mood, and Grand Supercycle peaks. Therefore I would be a hypocrite not mentioning it at all. After all "social mood commentary" is still a part of this blog.

I could link to dozens of things showing the massive fraudulent evidence and not media shoutdowns, but like I said, I am not here to persuade you on politics nor are you as likely persuade me otherwise and that Trump is some kind of "Russian Stooge". I learned a long time ago you can rarely change the mind of a person, for each lives in his own world, and that's not what this blog is about. People come to truth on their own. One by one for their own reasons.  There truly is "Madness in Crowds". That's social mood theory and its what allows tyrannies to flourish in every century in many places, over and over.

I will however link to just one article that probably surmises how I feel if you want to know

Here is the key text in that article which relates to social mood I found spot-on:

"The argument would be that civil unrest must be avoided at all costs and that it is preferable to turn a blind eye to electoral theft than to preside over the fracturing of the nation and the abrogation of the civil contract. The argument, of course, would be disingenuous, self-serving and cowardly, the ultimate sophistry. For the nation is already fractured, the civil contract has effectively ceased to exist, and the corruption has gone so deep that, if it is not met head-on and scoured clean, there would be no nation remaining whose civil character could be assumed to exist. The electoral malady would have been fatal."

And before you think I'm a crank one recent poll has 75% Republican's and 30% Democrats acknowledging the cheating gave Biden the win.  That's 105% of all voters - a majority. I can't find you that poll (they buried it of course) but here is one from September.  Key takeaway:

But concerns about cheating in vote counting were prevalent in both parties. A sizable majority of both Trump (75 percent) and Biden supporters (60 percent) are concerned about the threat of cheating by election officials. 

And why is that? Its because we are not dumb! The social contract of this country has already been broken.

Truth be told I did not vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 primaries. I have a simple viewpoint on politicians and some of you have figured this out over the years: I will support any candidate that is a champion of the American Bill of Rights.  I wasn't sure about 2016 so Trump was not my choice in the primary. But I can tell you over the last 4 years he has proved beyond a doubt a champion for the Bill of Rights. 

And everything that is going on in 2020 has made it crystal clear that the Democrats are against this, and for chaos. Releasing violent criminals from jail and supporting anarchy, looting and destroying the social fabric of our cities is proof enough.  80 million Americans noticed too! (yes notice the total - they literally cancelled Trump votes by the millions) The draconian lockdowns mostly by Democratic governors are appalling. There are many Republicans that roll over and do nothing and even impose their own power trip "decrees". We have noticed.

Covid "checkpoints" are nothing about the virus and everything about tyranny. If your too dumb to see this or chooses to turn a blind eye, than I have no sympathy for what happens.

You may be surprised to know that I think most "Republicans" are despicable too for that matter. They aid and abet for the sake of their own little perceived piece of the pie. The graft and corruption of our great republic is complete. Tyranny follows. The massively fraudulent financial system perfectly reflects this.

The Bill of Rights is uniquely American. Many foreigners wrote me emails how they hate Trump etc, etc,. I don't think foreigners understand the Bill of Rights. Indeed I don't think many Americans understand it either. And that is by design. 

And by all indications Trump was the only one to support the Bill of Rights. I'm including all Democrats and a vast swath of Republican politicians, save a few.

I'll tell you what. Here is a prediction for you and you let me know in a year if I'm wrong:

If Democrats gain the Senate (and thus all 3 branches of government) here is what will happen:

1. They will eliminate the Senate filibuster. (gone by April)

2. Enact every law they can to curb the Bill of Rights; "Hate" speech laws (anti free speech), gun control laws, anti-religious laws, freedom of assembly laws, election laws, online internet speech laws, etc, etc,

3. Propose to pass an "Election reform" bill that will ensure they are never challenged again in any election. 

I don't care if "Krusty the Clown" runs for election, If he or she is a champion of the Bill of Rights, he will get my vote. And that sums up my politics. I'm old school, I still believe in the Bill of Rights. If you happen to be on the other side of that equation and support anti-free speech laws, gun control, and think religion is poison, then well I say to you, you are my political opponent although I wish it not to be so. 

The American Revolution started when the British Redcoats marched to confiscate the gun stores in the countryside.  Many people don't realize that is what sparked the war. Try to take American's guns, and the real shooting starts. It will be no different in the 21st century than it was in the 18th. 

In the end, my firm belief is that if Democrats are in full control over the next four years they will be blamed for the complete financial collapse that is bound to happen.  If Trump somehow pulls it off, he will be blamed. Its a pyric victory for the Democrats.  I do think President Trump is very prescient by saying the "401Ks will take a beating" if Joe Biden is sworn in.

Its very curious Vegas refuses to pay out. Likely they will wait until the Electoral College vote is in. And the market is signaling that is likely the most important date and where the major Supercycle turn could happen. I used to think the November election was where it would turn but now I see I was wrong. But the time period around 14th December keep an eye on!

So enough of that. Here are some charts on where I think things stand:

Tesla. P/E ratio 1,170. Room to "grow" into that huh?

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