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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Elliott Wave Intraday Update ~ 29 December 2020

These 3 charts seemed "aligned". Wilshire, DOW, Apple. Will 2020 end on an all-time high on the 31st?  Its a cruel joke but the counts seem aligned to do just that.

Yet, VIX still refuses to go sub-20 as I had predicted many months ago. Permanent higher state of agitation.
The top alternate is that the market chugs a bit higher, then has a very sharp selloff in wave [iv] of 5 and then rallies again near Inauguration Day on the 20th. In this scenario, Trump gets the final (for all intents and purposes) all-time high of the stock market on his last day as President. Then the old, crusty, degenerate, and senile Biden (NMP) will reside over the greatest stock market collapse ever. It seems fitting. 

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