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Friday, December 25, 2020

Elliott Wave Update ~ 25 December 2020

 Wow, just wow. I am amazed at how the extreme market distortions just keep getting more extreme.  The NASDAQ has a nice looking count. There are enough waves in place....

Never thought the CPCE 90 day Moving Average would reach my "extreme" level but it has. Note how the 10 day MA has curled higher. This might be the trigger for total market collapse.
30 day has plunged way below the extreme level. Probably a record.
Possible count. It may have topped and the retrace was a small wave ii. We'll see come Monday.
Another variation.
Still can't figure out the DOW. But the best interpretation is that it is an ending move since its lurching higher rather than lower.
APPLE. Might be the key to the whole shebang...
30 year yield

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