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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Elliott Wave Update ~ 3 December 2020

I have a theory on social mood and how it "rolls" over the tops.  My theory is this: The group(s) of people who are most spiritually bankrupt rollover in mood first.  (This actually makes sense, as the most spiritually corrupt people are the worst sociopaths of society and are unhappy people in general). For simplification, we will call the most miserable end of the spectrum "TEAM BLUE". The group(s) of people who are most spiritually fulfilled will rollover in mood last.  We will call this other side of the spectrum "TEAM GREEN". 

This is obviously too simple as you actually have the entire population somewhere in between the two ends of the "spiritual" spectrum. How much it is scattered and the amounts of each group is anyone's guess. But for illustrative purposes lets just leave it like this for now.

For my sake of argument, I will use The Ten Commandments from the Christian Bible as the measuring stick of what it means to be "spiritually bankrupt."  Simply put, those who break all 10 Commandments, and have no remorse, are on the one extreme.  Those who attempt to adhere to the Commandments are on the other end of the spectrum. God Bless my mom, she lived a life vowing to never break a Commandment if should could help it and I can't ever remember her doing so! (but of course she did, no one is perfect)

Obviously you actually have the entire population somewhere in between the two ends of the spectrum. How exactly they are grouped and in what amounts of % of the population I haven't contemplated.

But my point is this: The most spiritually bankrupt segment of the population turns down in mood first and then each group along the spiritual spectrum follows as time goes on depending on the wave degree.  The effects of mood swings are amplified if there are multiple wave degrees that are travelling, or peaking, in unison. It has been proposed we are rolling over "the very top" at every major wave degree that we track. Grand Supercycle, Supercycle, Cycle, Primary, Intermediate and right on down the line. 

Since this has been a huge, long-winded rollover event, we have large groups of unhappy people who are provoking the rest.  I'll call it gaslighting because we all so easily know what it looks like by now. At the peak of mood for the entire spectrum is when the greatest gaslighting and "in-your-face" grievances occur because the most unhappiest (TEAM BLUE) have been at it for years and think they have grown in power and that the opposite group (TEAM GREEN) will never do anything about it (because they have let things go for the most part). TEAM GREEN simply has never done anything to fight back in decades at this point.  This has emboldened TEAM BLUE for its most heinous provocations at the peak. They simply don't care anymore and "dare" TEAM GREEN to do something about it. TEAM BLUE has provoked and broken the social contract that exists to keep all sides of society in cooperation.

At the end of the entire rollover event is when TEAM BLUE projects their most power as they have been at it for years with a head start in bad mood. They woefully underestimate TEAM GREEN's ability to fight back. TEAM GREEN will have had many, many years of grievances built up against TEAM BLUE at this point.  However eventually all of  TEAM GREEN's mood also rolls over the top and heads south and begins to catch up to TEAM RED (who had a head start).

Even the most spiritually fulfilled person's mood will turn.  Even those who considered themselves pious Christians went on rampaging Crusades and had many victories. 

What's your point Dan? I think you, dear reader, have figured it out by now. TEAM BLUE is about to find out what TEAM GREEN is capable of and I don't think TEAM BLUE realizes how hard the punch in their faces (metaphorically speaking?) that is surely coming. The social contract was broken by TEAM BLUE.  They couldn't help themselves because after all they are miserable people and have been provoking TEAM GREEN for years. 

Note the directions of the arcs travelling together. Note how the 1980's and 1990's were a very peaceful social mood time amongst the entire spectrum and now you know why.  Note the backside arc is  heading down for all groups. 

Its going to get real folks.   TEAM GREEN is seething pissed, in fact I don't think TEAM BLUE realizes by just how much.  In TEAM GREEN's eyes they have every right to be as they have been taking TEAM BLUE's crap for many, many years by now.  And also TEAM BLUE hasn't realized that since they have been unhappy for a much longer period of time, they will exhaust themselves far, far earlier than TEAM GREEN will. 

Things are about to get real folks. The backside of the rollover is coming. Like a hurricane, the calm eye is passing over land at the moment and when the winds return they will be in reverse and be far more severe!

Ok now with the counts.  We'll just add some squiggles to what we had yesterday. This proposes that we are continuing to head to the electoral vote in which even Trump has said he will honor the outcome. The Electoral vote, in theory will end all trials and tribulations supposedly of the election. Everything is supposed to go back to "normal". (it won't)

Remember TEAM BLUE has been exhausting themselves for years in a horrible mood provoking TEAM GREEN and then gaslighting them at the greatest extent at the point of TEAM GREEN's own final rollover event. In fact they will offer TEAM GREEN a truce (because so much anger is exhausting for TEAM BLUE).  TEAM GREEN will refuse (and rightly so I suppose) as they have been much wronged and harbor years of grievances. 

TEAM BLUE  has been busy destroying TEAM GREEN's livelihoods. And when TEAM GREEN perceives they have nothing left to lose, like a caged lion, you better make sure the cage door is properly fitted.  (They're not because TEAM BLUE only went with the cheap model cage door so they could blow the rest of the embezzled $$$ on hookers and blow. Remember, they are spiritually bankrupt so of course they are not the smartest either.)

And then TEAM BLUE will be shocked at the negative energy and purpose that TEAM GREEN will bear upon TEAM BLUE.   And TEAM BLUE's coalition along the spiritual spectrum will splinter first. The supposed "racial" war will in fact, turn into "class" war. (because that is what it really will be about in the end, the "haves" versus the "have nots".)

And there are a lot of fat-cat TEAM BLUE politicians and Corporatists who will be the #1 targets of their own former allies. The WORST of TEAM BLUE will turn against the rest of TEAM BLUE by class. 

And even TEAM GREEN will thunder against those who pretend to be on the TEAM GREEN end of the spiritual spectrum. The ones who were in position and never even bothered to push back against TEAM BLUE all the years they harassed the very best of TEAM GREEN.  

Ok I meant to stop all that and post some charts. Here ya go. This one may be too presumptuous but I was trying to make this last until the electoral vote.
Wilshire Daily. I like this count and chart. It has a nice look.
Ending Diagonal? Probably not, but its a reminder that there are enough waves in place already.

CPCE. Incredible. Yet, as was pointed out yesterday, this is computer-driven algorithms in full "learn mode" and they are steering the market to its ultimate destruction.  They simply cannot stop themselves at this point.  And they are a perfect reflection of the people responsible for their creation, deployment and ultimately, their own self destruction.
Its like the market itself is gaslighting us too. In fact it is.

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