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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Elliott Wave Update ~ 9 December 2020

17 states have joined Texas' lawsuit against the states of PA, MI, GA, and WI for the way those states conducted their elections in an unconstitutional manner. Seventeen and counting and there may be more. No matter what side of the fence you're on, one thing is clear: The civil contract keeping this country together has been broken, and broken badly. And 17 states clearly accuse at least 4 others of being at fault.

Florida, one of the biggest states in the union, had wrapped up their election results on election night as always happens. The corrupt Pennsylvania crew were so far behind on election night - to the tune of 700,000+  they were shocked. So they kept at it until Saturday. They kept counting until Joe B. finally had the lead. I can see why the other states are absolutely furious. 

The vote "counting" machines are thoroughly corrupt (like the stock market machines - go figure!). The people rigging the elections are thoroughly corrupt. The politicians are thoroughly corrupt (on both sides of the aisle). This corrupt and fraudulent trend has been entrenched now for many decades and permeates throughout all aspects of society. No institution has been left untainted including the churches! And its coming to a Grand Supercycle head.  The brazenly fraudulent election is perhaps the pinnacle of this corruption. 

We are reaching peak corruption. For the next step beyond corruption is totalitarianism.

I realize everyone has been seduced into believing that "nothing will ever happen, the steal is sealed", life will go on (because nothing ever does happen in election fraud!) - may be in for a shock. Just like everything else permeating society, the fraud was rampant. People are tired of it. People are tired of being fed lies and being made to either deny them or repeat them. 

As I said the other night, there is a last segment of society whose social mood is in the process of shifting toward negative at Grand Supercycle degree.  The opposite end of that spectrum is that certain segments have shifted to a "bad mood state of mind" many years ago and have been at it for a while (and they are weary and demand truces as a result). 

The late shifting segment is in no mood for a truce, in fact probably the opposite. They are in the mood to fight. They have grievances built up over many years of being provoked. Of being fed lies. Of being forced to repeat them and cowed into silence. And many have now lost their jobs. A jobless man is a dangerous man with nothing to lose. 

This early-shifting segment has now assumed that the other end of the spectrum will never "fight back" (because for the most part their still good mood kept them from doing so).  Again, they may be in for a complete surprise. We know that trends all can come to an abrupt end. 

We are not in Stalin's Russia. We are not in Mussolini's Italy, We are not in Hitler's Germany.  We are not in Mao's China. Private citizens in this country are armed to the teeth of some 400 million guns. There will be no "1/3rd of the country rounds up the other 1/3rd of the country, while 1/3rd watches and does nothing".  This is the formula totalitarians use century after century to inflict their evil dominance over others.  The most evil seem to always get their way though. It only takes 33% to cower the other 67% through terrorism, intimidation, forced silence and forced lies, and through loss of job, wealth and freedoms. Then eventually "reeducation camps" and ultimately murder.

And just like an expected social mood trend that has been entrenched forever - in this case no one ever does anything about election fraud - there is a chance, albeit a slight chance, that the continued trend will be put to an abrupt halt.  In other words there may be a severe shock to the markets that no one sees coming.

However, we see the potential huge shock coming, because the wave count is over or nearly so. 

Now on to the counts.

Today fits well with the "top" of wave (iii) of [v] of 5.  The downdraft today should be part of wave (iv). However it was a bit steep instead of a typical wave (iv) choppiness. In fact it looked more like an impulse down rather than "corrective" down.

The peak of wave (i) of [iii] is the key to this count. Prices cannot violate it.

RSI took a significant dip today.
And the most bearish count is that we had slight "overthrow" of this neat little wedge and that 5 has topped.

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