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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Elliott Wave Update ~ 23 December 2020

The election fraud was massive.

The social mood contract keeping this country together has been broken. You are all walking through a nightmare and most don't even know it. The forces of evil have become brazen, the lies and fraud are brazen, we have only one man seemingly standing up to it all. Trump did win in a landslide. Many wish it not to be true. Many on the  left   cowardly and/or intellectually lazy side comfort their brains in the lies repeated by all the captured institutions and repeat the lies ad nauseum.

And the guy who couldn't get 6 people to a rally, didn't come out of his basement, who clearly shows signs of dementia, an old white man pervert, a 48 year politician who failed miserably in 2 previous presidential bids, supposedly won with a record 80 million votes! We are supposed to believe (and swallow) that lie and be silenced??

We are now worse than Venezuela. We have our own "Chavez" and "Maduro" moment (by machines designed by those very regimes no less!), and can see clearly what a shithole that country has become. That is what they have in mind for America too. Those who wish to partake in their version of America must submit to the corruption, those who do not, will have to kill their dogs so as not to go hungry. That is their plan. They have captured all institutions, time is running out.

RESIST IT ALL TO HELL!! How many people will declare that Biden is not my President?? (sound familiar?)

But it happened. Fraud has always existed in elections since the Tammany Hall days and prior to even that. But never has it been so brazenly and massively flaunted in the electronic age as we have now. Never has it been so historic. Hundreds of witnesses signing an oath under perjury are willing to give testimony (and have) to it all. Dozens of cameras have captured it all. The thoroughly cowed, corrupted and intimidated court system is unwilling to even hear the evidence, including the Supreme Court.  They have openly admitted they are afraid of violence! The politicians (on both sides) are contemptible.  You can see it in the mere pittance of $600 given to Americans after they have forcibly destroyed the country in insane lockdowns.

And of course this has everything to do with Elliott Wave Theory!  In 2000, probably the year that "true" social mood peak occurred - due to the upward alignment at Intermediate, Primary, Cycle, Supercycle, and Grand Supercyle wave degrees - things were "kumbaya" in spirit even after the contested election! The 2000 contested election looks like child's play compared to now. The Supreme Court then was willing to step in and say no! And it wasn't even a "conservative" court!

But now in the great turning of social mood at Grand Supercycle degree we can see that the price top of the DJIA at 30,000 does not match the true social mood peak in 2000 even though the DJIA is many thousands of points higher. Yes mood is still elevated, but the Grand Supercycle social mood arc has flattened for 20 years and is starting to swing lower. The Supercycle arc of mood has flattened. Only the Cycle, Primary and lower wave degrees has kept things afloat. When the weight of the higher degree arcs start aligning with the eventually down turning lower wave degrees of Cycle, Primary, and Intermediate degree, total market collapse will soon follow. The arcs of social mood will all be additive to each other on the downside as much as they were on the upside!


The squiggle counts are all just variables in the larger count. Look, the ALL-TIME highs have already been accomplished over and over again this year, we are merely dressing up each potential variable count - so don't get caught up in any bullshit beyond that.

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