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Thursday, December 10, 2020

There is a valid EW pattern pointing toward calling yesterday's top the final all-time high. However, a pop at the 14th on Electoral College Day may prove correct (see DJIA chart). The move down from the peak is more impulsive than not it seems. The rebound today has the look of "corrective up" rather than a continuation of the previous bullish trend. In other words, today would have been the day to bail out of the markets at a very good price. At any rate, we'll see what tomorrow brings. (Isn't Friday quad witching day?)

I believe a strong negative market shock is coming, and coming very soon; a shock that will reverberate throughout the world.

One count possibility. It may be the correct count. 

The count we have been highlighting the past many days/week still is valid. Wave (i) has not been violated in price although it came close today.
However, I can't explain the DJIA count other than it either has one more pop (as shown) or collapses tomorrow because the peak is already set in an ending diagonal tringle pattern. I would lean toward another pop higher.
CPCE. Sub .46 days are now "routine" and part and parcel of the trend. No one can see that this is abnormal extreme behavior anymore because after 6 months of sub .46 readings, we are now "comfortable" with this situation in that the bet is so one-sided for so long in that we can no longer detect how badly lopsided and persistent the trend has become.  But we have been presenting a Grand Supercycle peak, and now the "prophecy" of predicting these extremes readings has been fulfilled.

Yet like prophecy, they can be fulfilled yet no one believes it anyway and makes excuses for what is occurring.

My tiny little "divergence" line shown at the February 2020 peak looks absolutely foolish at this stage huh? But is it foolish? Or does it actually reflect that the state of the markets now is at such a Grand Supercycle extreme that we can no longer sense it? Even if we can see it with our eyes in the indicators?

Insanity is what I say! Lemmings! And the lower it goes and more persistent the trend, the more is proof we are reaching a historic top. Yet most people will claim the exact opposite. They will tell you this no longer matters, and that things have changed and we are in a new paradigm. Don't believe them! Like everything else, its a false prophet and a pack of lies. A Pied Piper leading one to its own destruction of its own free will.

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