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Monday, January 11, 2021

Elliott Wave Update ~ 11 January 2021

Big Tech, Big media, Democrats, RINO's Uniparty have overplayed their hands once again. The Capitol Hill protests on the 6th had a way of clarifying who is who and what they really think and who they really support. Trump's job approval still remains strong despite the cancellations and condemnation by the Uniparty and Big media/Big Tech. It's got to drive them bananas. 

Now they call for the cancellation of some 80* million Trump voters.  Again, 1/3rd of the country demanding that another 1/3rd (Trump voters) of the country be lined up and shot by firing squad (hey that's their end game - just read comments section on any lefty website) and the remaining 1/3rd better be silent or they're next! (of course they will be next!)

Elon Musk came out today and actually tweeted something that Big Tech will not like to hear coming from the world's richest man; 

"A lot of people are going to be super unhappy with West Coast high tech as the de facto arbiter of free speech"

That will get him in trouble. He cannot "unthink" his position. It is out there now. Elon doesn't approve what's going on. 

I kind of always admired Elon. His companies make real things. Although I hate electric cars because they shove them down our throats so they eventually can control us, he at least tries to make good cars that can go far on one charge. And I do admire SpaceX a lot.  Again, these are REAL things  trying help people and advance civilization in some way. As opposed to Twatter and Facecrap who make...well, misery for people.

But his stock, Tesla, the one who makes him officially the "richest" man is ripe for reversal.  Will they try and cancel Elon? He already moved to Texas, so I would say probably yes.  Tesla is ripe for reversal. And now they have a reason to "divest".

But what of Twatter and Facecrap? As I suggested the other day FB is probably a "sell".  TWTR's stock sold a bit today.  If all the "conservatives" are kicked off, who are they tweeting? Each other? Its just another circle jerk echo chamber, and guess is a secret: lefties are cheap and don't like to pay for anything!

Hence the saying "Get woke, go broke.". Yup its the honest working Americans who had supported all the (now) woke sports leagues, etc. You're going to see massive deflation as a result.  That $30M salary for playing a kid's game? You might want to take it cause next year it may only be $10M because I don't think they play as much baseball in China. Baseball is a "sell" too.

And do we have any justice system left in this world where Google, FB, AMZN, Apple and TWTR seemingly all coordinated to cancel Parler? If that's not a slam-dunk anti-trust case, I don't know what is. But they don't care anymore. They are "emboldened" and can't help themselves. I think these CEO's and stuff do not ever venture into heartland America. They don't realize how vast and populated it is with the "unthinking" deplorables. 

They can have their shithole crime-laden cities. They crapped in their own living rooms and try to tell us "it is a good thing". The rest of America is not going to play along no matter how many times Jake Crapper and CNN breathlessly "reports" about the "insurrection".  My own lying eyes can parse what I saw. Just like the election. They are all liars and a special kind of evil. But that's how Totalitarianism always starts. Always with lies. And they make you repeat the lies to debase and control.

Trump the "fascist" dictator was to be feared, yet they "voted" him out and censored him! Looks like the ones doing the cancelling are the actual fascists!  And instead of letting things be and die down, they cannot help themselves.  Now they are going to "impeach" him when there is only 9 days to go. They think they can follow Hitler's, Mao's, Stalin's and Pol Pot's playbook in accelerating things and "purge" society of 80 million "bad actors". They plan on making opposition rallies illegal. And they mean to try and get away with it.

Yet the left has no sense of humor (which is why standup comedy is dead). Make fun of a lefty a little bit and you'll see instant venom for the most part.  In fact they can't help but read my blog because they want to cancel me so badly (you know who you are). I don't know how long Blogspot will put up with me, I could go somewhere else, but like Parler, its probably futile. I'm no web designer and I would need a lot of help.

I always liked Blogspot for its convenience. But Google has already buried my blog.  It used to be you could google "Elliott wave" or the plural "Elliott waves" and I was always near the top. Now? Both Google and Bing made me an "unblog". You simply cannot find me anymore with that kind of search.

[Hey, if any of you Google techs reading this would like to go into the code and see that this is true, do me a favor and switch off the manual "bury blog" toggle switch, huh? Thank you.]

As a comparison, use "DuckDuckGo" and there I am, reliably near the top on the first page (as I use to be with all search engines for years and years), and this despite me being buried by Google and Bing!

So I'll blog until I cannot. And if I too get cancelled, I'll pop back up somewhere, sometime. I thank everyone who has shown support!


A small triangle forming?

At any rate, the rise since early November should have a wave relationship within its own structure. Wave [v] should be related in some way and size to wave [i]. A thrust up out of the triangle would look pretty good to create this relationship and give it the "right look".

Just look at the volume spikes on the daily! Typically volume spikes occur at major turning points.
Here is the real story: 10 year prices (and yields - I'll show later when I get the data) on the move. I gave it an aggressive count to match my yield count as there really is not yet solid support for prices. Probably due for a pause to form a small subwave iii and iv of some sort. Just a guess.
One more small wave up in the DJIA. I still like the idea of this entire rise from March being a (B) wave an expanded flat of some sort. However, the Wilshire count still counts as I have it very well which is why I use it for primary counting.
CPCE. I'm speechless. The computer algorithms will break this market just as they broke the election and the social fabric of this nation. 
This volume ratio chart is proof of the algo's footprints. Its beyond extreme. What happens to liquidity if they unplug a few of the computer algorithms providing fake spoofing volume to keep the market afloat?   There is an extreme amount of volume being flowed toward the Composite to keep it afloat even though in reality, the underlying companies that are actually in the Composite have been getting hammered over the past year.
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