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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Elliott Wave Update ~ 12 January 2021

Allow me to continue the theme from yesterday in that the Uniparty, Big Tech/Media overplayed their hands. I say this in the context of Elliott Wave theory. We see that the market is reaching some kind of all-time peak. I wouldn't argue that it isn't a false (B) wave peak. At this peak we see all kinds of people quick to condemn "riots" and quick to call it "insurrection".  Yet we are not living in 1917 Russia. We are not living in 1930 Germany. We have access to video's, pictures, instant testimony, etc. We have our own two eyes.  Does Big Tech continue to think we are stupid and listen to the droning of CNN? The Uniparty squealed like pigs and many will regret they didn't step back and wait. Wait until the wave passes and see what the true sentiment is. 

Trump seeded their destruction in one fell swoop. All the RINOs who stabbed him in the back. And Big Tech initiated their own downfall.  They are quick to jump on the bandwagon and the "herding" behavior will come to haunt all those who should have just waited a bit. But herding behavior exists in groups. The politicians watch CNN and assume they are on the "right" side, then they make some hyperbolic statement they can never take back and bingo, you just made your political bed.

Big TECH's massive hubris (near the peak of FAANG index) initiates a purge of all dissenting voices and they forget that Trump made Twatter what it is!  Now they are doomed to be just another CNN played at airport lounges by default.  Doomed to become just yet another left-wing echo chamber circle jerking each other with packs of lies.  Like VOX.

There is now a mass exodus from Big Tech. People are clamoring for alternatives and the market will fill the void no matter how many servers Google and Amazon possess.  No matter how many threats to livelihoods they get away with. The other side will simply build more. The "cloud" has proven itself as an enemy of the people. As if this wasn't apparent at the dawn of the cloud! (as if this isn't apparent with the pushing of electric cars!) Last I checked, AMZN had a P/E ratio of 91. It is a razor thin margin business. Only .71% of the float is shorted. That is nonexistent. 

And banking? Same thing. Any bank that comes out in support of free speech and association will see their business boom. Keep overreaching and you are making converts to the other side. They think they have 80 million (in reality its half the country or more - 150 million) by the balls, but they have never set foot in middle America. They do not realize how vastly populated it is and how tired normal people are of constant interference in their lives. "Normals" reject socialism. That's why Trump won in a landslide on election night. It took another 4 days of counting votes for the Democrats to declare victory through massively fraudulent means.

Why would the Uniparty think people won't search out on their own and find their own truth? Duh!  Many people are just lazy and didn't act. But many have seen the light and are finally acting. 775,000 people watched Trump online give a live speech in Texas today.  This was just a small border patrol themed speech, nothing special. But 775,000 people tuned into RSBN and watched anyway. Think some of those won't be bookmarking the site? Did he get new converts as a result of overreach and his predictions coming swiftly true even before he is out of office? (you bet)

Herding behavior at the end of a trend - in this case the end of Trump's Presidency and an all-time high in the stock market - can be detrimental. They all went "all in" at the top and they will regret it financially, politically, etc. 

There are many, many opportunities for many things to grow out of the staleness of the current BIG TECH oligarchy. The heyday of FAANG dominance has probably peaked. Again, their hubris near the top of FAANG made them go "all in".

The totalitarians will keep banning things, because that's all they know how to do. They can't win in the marketplace of ideas. Only misery and retribution is their game. A false religion at the top of a false wave peak. But they will fail in the end, that I am confident.  Do they really think their brownshirt (BLM/Antifa) army scares people? It only hardens the resolve to fight against totalitarianism much more. Like a great man once said....

So yes in the end Trump is gaining followers the more the totalitarians keep overreaching because every warning he made on the campaign trail is coming to pass and anyone with two eyes can see that. Keep calling half of America racist, and try to outlaw them and see where it gets you.

Supporters of the Bill of Rights and against socialism (Trump supporters) are dejected understandably so. They are being threatened to be ejected from all of society and worse. But remember, all things occur in the context of social mood waves. This is a false wave and let it peak and pass which it will. 

The supporters of freedom will steady themselves and get organized. It won't be immediate, but it is clear things are changing. A third political party is bound to come into being.  The Republicans have proven themselves allied with Democrats in the end and refuse to fight and refuse to hear the people who got them elected in the first place.  Hence the Uniparty. Trump exposed them all for the doppelgangers and parasites that the politicians actually are. (but we knew that already)

One final word. Politicians go in and get elected and many start "serving" their country in the "not that wealthy" category. But they all seem to come out multi-multi- millionaires. Its been noticed. In the end, this will not be a race struggle as the left tries to make it out to be. Socialism is always about the "haves" and the "have nots". Its largely class warfare. And BLM/Antifa - once Trump is off stage for good - in about 3 to 6 months will be demanding payment of some sort.  They will be sorely disappointed and realized they were "used" in the end as a means to gain power.

When Hitler used his street thugs, the "Brownshirts" to gain power, after in power, he had the leadership killed and the organization thoroughly neutered and eventually forcibly drafted into the Wehrmacht. The Ayatollah largely did the same with zealous college students during the Iranian revolution. Once in power, those same who helped him get power - the most intellectually dangerous -were outright purged and/or shot. The rest got the word.

I'm obviously not saying an extreme thing such as assassination's will occur but you get what I am inferring.  BLM/Antifa will be deemed eventually too dangerous for the Uniparty.  For if BLM - many  recruited from wrecked inner cities - and Antifa - largely white, disaffected radical socialist youths and middle age radicals (many poor because they are in college debt up to their asses) - wake up and realize their bosses are all multi-millionaires eating filet mignon (heretic!) and they are not, well lets just say they won't be happy. In the end, socialism is all about wealth and class warfare and guess who has the "most"? Well it ain't guys like me.  Surely Bezos can pay his slave army of workers a bit better yes?


Small triangle still intact. 

No need to show all the charts as yesterday they are largely unchanged. But here is the Daily and look at the volume spikes. Computers run amok. We are likely near a very major turning point.
Tesla extended fifth wave with a few more squiggles to go? 
Best guess squiggle count. 

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