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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Elliott Wave Update ~ 19 January 2021

I misspoke last Friday saying today was the Inauguration Day . Today is the last day of Trump's presidency, the Inauguration is tomorrow the 20th.

And the witches still believe "Russia" or something. Can you fucking believe the propaganda? Really??? And Trump supporters are supposed to be the conspiracy theorists?? We live in a mad, mad, mad, mad world!! And these are the people who wish to rule over us. Somehow Trump who is exceedingly "America first" (MAGA) is somehow....not. The twisted logic of the left is pathological which makes them dangerous to us "normals" who just want to be left alone. But they won't leave us alone.

Wave [v] should have some decent relationship with wave [i]. Perhaps wave [v] needs more price compared with wave [i]. In this case the count would be thus:

Another pop would support Tesla's and Junk's count
And in the case the market pops a bit tomorrow and yet does not make a new high we have a count for that:

Oh yeah this is about right and nails it:

And then there is this:

Within 6 months, we'll be sending new troops to somewhere again...
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