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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Elliott Wave Update ~ 7 January 2021

UPDATES: I'll keep the updates up here. I'm tired of politics. Lets talk wave structures.

POSSIBLE ( B) wave of an expanded flat Primary [A]?

When in non-log scale, the parabolic rise since March 2020 no longer seems to "fit" into the structure from 2009 - Feb 2020. As you recall, originally I had Feb 2020 as the orthodox "peak". That could still be so. The structures would look and count like this:

Now this next chart is a visual representation of the most major wave degree "arcs" of social mood that we track. Remember, Elliott Wave Theory is a fractal system. The wave doesn't "stop" at a peak, it actually rolls over. This happens simultaneously at what could be, in theory, an infinite amount of degrees. But in reality, we only track 12 degrees (see side bar to left for wave degree chart) as these are the degrees we can probably sense as a human species.  

The arc lines represent the wave degrees by hierarchy (thickness to help you differentiate also).  The start and end points of each arc connect to the "troughs" of the lows. Once the trough for that degree is reached, it flares back up in another arc of its own degree.  You obviously cannot see the troughs of 1789 or 1932 because its not on the chart. (Just imagine the arcs go off the chart and connect to those lows). These waves of mood arcs "synergize" together and are somewhat "additive".  The angle of upslope (or downslope) helps display the intensity of mood. 

For instance the mid to late 1990's was the actual highest period of social mood synergy. The synergy doesn't necessarily occur at the peak, it occurs in the upslopes and downslopes.  The peaks are where we realize that, oops, its over and mood goes down at some degree or another. So again, the late 1990's we had a still surging upwards Grand Supercycle and Supercycle along with Cycle and Primary and Intermediate acting in synergy to the upside at a decent angle.

The 2000 peak is the TRUE social mood peak since 1789.  From 2000 onward, the Grand Supercycle starts to flatten out no longer providing superpower upward lift. Yet the Supercycle is still significant. So in 2007 peak, we still had pretty good mood going on. 

The 2007 - 2009 crash represents the forces of only Primary and Intermediate sized synergistic downward force of synergistic mood arcs (in a flattening GS and SC environment). Then the rise since 2009 produced some good years but the Grand Supercycle started to lose even more upward influence and even the Supercycle arc starts to flatten out.  In essence, the biggest wave degrees are literally starting to rollover at whatever track they follow. I'm just guessing where they are based on deteriorating social mood since 2000.  The upward effects of these largest arcs become marginally less. It now depends on Primary and Intermediate to do the heavy lifting.

So now we get to February 2020. After some nasty ups and downs in 2018 and 2019, all the wave arcs are starting to rollover, and I suspect the arcs are now "inverted". In other words since the GS arc is the longest (since 1789), prices start to stick out the top. Think of it like a gigantic magnetic flare from the sun. They shoot outwards from the main body and eventually collapse spectacularly back to the sun's surface. Then prices start to stick out the top of the Supercycle arc. Then they stick out the top of the Cycle arc. And so on.

So to recap, social mood has been steadily deteriorating since 2000 after steadily climbing to the year 2000. The arcs of social mood are all rolling over a proposed multi-century Grand Supercycle peak. This "topping process" has been, in effect, going on for a Fibonacci 21 years. 

And, in my estimation we are in a "false" mood (B) wave situation.  The only thing flaring upwards remaining is an Intermediate sized (red) wave and it has probably "poked" through the primary layer. We are at MAXIMUM solar flare situation, and the collapse is surely to be as spectacular as a magnetic flare coming backwards towards the sun. 

So this visually "explains" why mood is actually "less" than the Feb 2020 peak.  (We can see this in the VIX gauge. We are no longer sub 15, nor even sub-20. (I like to think of VIX as a "state of agitation" gauge as you know).  It also explains the wonderful 1990's (and 80's were pretty good too). It explains why in 2009 we only mildly reacted. No major riots, etc. 

But as time marched on we had Occupy Wall Street, Tea Party, and then the uplift squashed them negative moods out. Then we had Ferguson riots but they died down also. 

And then we had March 2020, which, having passed the "orthodox" peak of Feb 2020, we are actaully starting our corrections at many multiple degrees of trend. 

So mood has been deteriorating since 2000 and now you know why you hate me and I probably hate you. So fuck off and die! Ok that was actually in jest, but I am serious in that if we don't recognize the path we are going down, we are doomed. But of course we are doomed anyways because this has been going on since Adam and none of you believe me anyways.  Yes, it is our inheritance of sin. Human nature never changes.

So the synergistic effects and the angles of the downsloping arcs work in reverse of the upsloping and are more violent (naturally because negative mood is always more violent than positive mood).

We haven't even really gotten warmed up yet as far as really bad negative mood but we can all feel it. And we look at the stock market in wonder and all! Its fake! We are poking out the top and we will get crushed on the backside. At which point is why we count "squiggles".

As an aside, ever hear of the "Roaring 20's" (1920's that is). This term was because the wave structures in the mid 1920's to late 1929 was also in a similar upslope of all the major wave degrees and there was a synergistic effect then to just like our 1990's. Then the Supercycle, Cycle, Primary and Intermediate all "rolled over" the top of 1929 and at the trough (which was probably an orthodox 1945 for Supercycle wave (IV) we (the human species) of course killed 10's of millions along the way and blew up atom bombs.  

This current "rollover event" is one degree higher! Grand Supercycle degree added in! So what will happen now? What is to come? I'll just leave it at this:

If you have the urge as 1/3rd of the population to literally snuff out another 1/3rd of the population and demand that the other 1/3rd of the population remain "good Germans" and shut up and eat the lies, then that is what is bound to happen here also. Don't think so? Look into your own souls and reflect. It can happen faster than you think. 

Usually the most evil 1/3rd - those who reject and hate God and demand fealty of others - wins, and totalitarianism rules at the end of the day.  Socialism (whether of the NAZI or SOVIET variety) brings death and despair. It is anti-God. It is evil.

The cuck Senator Graham (and 1/3rd of the population for that matter) is calling for "sedition" charges for, in effect, criminal mischief, a misdemeanor crime. And others are calling for people to be shot (and one woman was).  The 1/3rd analogy has already been put into effect whether you believe it or not.

I cherish the Bill of Rights. I'm not on the totalitarian evil side, I can assure you that. But I will not rollover and and be a "good German" and watch silently.  I suppose I am in the targeted 1/3rd. I can accept that. Christ, my savior, is my Guardian in this life and the after. 

What 1/3rd are you in?


Ok lets get the politics out of the way and move forward from here on out. Quick points:

1. There is no doubt that that the tens of thousands of Trump supporters are indeed pissed off.  And they no doubt participated in the exhilaration of the events yesterday and many got out of hand. But had they had real malice, the Capitol building would have burnt to the ground. They just want to be heard and let it be known that they are not going to stand down and get steamrolled by the coming promised communism.  They rightly feel their votes were disenfranchised and they will never forget those who betrayed them.

2. HOWEVER, yesterday's disruption of the Capitol is being played by Big Media as if a fucking insurrection is on their hands.  Lets get this clear. The inside the Capitol photo ops that are being run all over the media have definite members of Antifa involved as members were easily identified. In the era of cameras at every corner and historical records of the internet, that's not too hard to do nowadays. Many inside events were clearly staged.  Hell, one Antifa guy took his pics with the cops inside. The "pipe bombs" were no doubt planted by Antifa members so it can be breathlessly associated with true Trump supporters. The Viking Hat guy is no Trump supporter. (Ok maybe he is)

3. As I said it was predictable, never let a good crisis go to waste. Truck in a busload of Antifa, and make sure everyone and the Trump supporters included, is all let inside and make sure we get them on film. "Reichstag Fire" comes to mind.  They are using it to discredit Trump and 80 million of his voters.  Plenty of people predicted this would happen.  

4. Many stories today are taking the ignorant stance of "How did the Capitol Police fail in securing the grounds?"  From all the video evidence I saw, they were instructed to "fail" by sinister agents and politicians who made sure that what would happen, happened. If you can't figure that out by now, you deserve your fate.  

5.  An innocent woman was shot for no fucking reason by the police who have lost both the left and right's support and it is sad. Had she been a BLM member we all know the Capitol would be under siege at this moment and burning and not by the "Proud Boys". And the cop would be under indictment. 

6. I am done with the Republican party. Its time to go third party and rip the Uniparty system to shreds.  I have no respect for any politicians save a few (for now). 

7. Most think Trump was stupid for having that rally on 6th of January as now he is thoroughly discredited (not) and supporters discredited (not). You know who got destroyed yesterday? It wasn't Trump, it was a backstabbing swamp-infested Republican party, the despicable Democrats, and the evil media who were quick to ban Trump on every platform there is.  The Republicans cowed like rats in a sewer as they always do.  And to top it off, Pence will never be President. 

8. And you know what else? Its also proof if they come try and arrest Trump on some bullshit Deep State charges, he literally will have an army of supporters at his back. Right or wrong, he is no dummy. 

9. The Uniparty Deep Swamp State has overplayed their hands once again. Trump in one final swoop just revealed to all of America which side they fall on. And when the country forms a third major party (its gonna happen), he may well have in fact destroyed both current parties as a result. The swamp "business as usual" is probably nearly over. They just haven't realized it yet.

10. The social media giants also overplayed their hands with permanent banning. Who do you think helps fuel their profits?  Facebook is done. Its a sell.

11. You want evidence of the massive election fraud? Start here for starters. Of course its predictable that many of your biases will refuse to open anything and circle jerk each other by saying "not a credible source" or some shit like that.

12.  My typical email I get (almost every one) telling me I'm crazy goes like this: "50 courts ruled by Republican judges have found no evidence.  LIE: They never heard shit, they are scared, biased, and or swamp creatures including the Supreme Court. "XX" republican said "blah blah blah".  These are pointed out as if I  had any respect for Republican swamp creatures or ANY of the damn courts to begin with!  They are all corrupt! If you had been following this blog, you would have figured that out by now. You might as well cite Jake fucking Tapper too as a matter of authority.

13.  Most think I'm a Trump sycophant (I'm not). As I have stated before I will vote for the person or party who cherishes and protects the Bill of Rights. If you don't truly know what they are, read the Constitution. I don't care if its Krusty the Fucking Clown running, he has my vote if he protects the BoR. Protecting the BoR also implies they are against the coming communism. Its a simple package deal. Heck, I'd voted for Biden the real-life creepy pedophile if he protected my rights (he won't and he said he won't) and was anti-communism (he is definitely gonna cave on that). 

14.  Any person or institution who would actively deny or advocate to deny simple drugs of Ivermectin and HCQ to stave off a potentially lethal virus must be fought and not just with words.  You people who do that are literally killing people for the sake of politics. (and you know who you are) I consider anyone who interferes in the doctor/patient process and makes efforts to deny these drugs as truly enemies of the people and an agent of the devil. On this issue here is how I feel; as a great man once said, "Fuck You. War."


One chart today nicely shows both counts more or less. Super-detailed which is why I have been counting as I have.  I have these micro-squiggles in my head and I took time to put them on a chart.

I'll have more, gonna get coffee.

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