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Friday, January 22, 2021

Elliott Wave Intraday/Update 22 January 2021

UPDATE: Perhaps a small pop Monday? Ok yes, I admit, social mood commentary has now thoroughly blended within the squiggle counts, hey, its Friday I'm feeling it. But yo, Antifa, you are not enemies and we have more in common than you think, but you have to stop the anarchy!

Yet I know Antifa wishes a collapse of the financial markets and many of them that read my site are hoping for just that "prophecy". They want to tear the system down for its own sake. I don't.

However, the social mood collapse that you are egging on will result in things that will not be in your favor at all. It will be good for no one. That is the lesson of WWII. Who benefitted from that? No one! Sure, the cynical will say the United States, but  tell that to the hundreds of thousands that suffered dead relatives. No one benefitted and neither will it be the same in any collapse in social mood to come.


My purpose in this blog is to WARN, because almost 100% will think this is all foolish to believe in "social mood wave cycles" anyway.  Yet if we realize that the cycles of sin is what is driving us to potential madness, then that is all I can do. I am saying you may be feeling hate because the mood cycle is driving you to do so. Do not give in to negative mood! Resist and let it pass with peace!

For it will pass. Yet we must gird ourselves for the coming storm. And we will not be helpless targets for those who wish evil. 


One potential count:

Another squiggle variation which suggest its "over".
UPDATE: I can't figure it out, should they be social distancing after they have been sent to a garage or do the Democrats not really "care about the troops?"

Are they trying to infect these people on purpose?  Were they used for "optics"? Yes it appears so on both accounts. Fuck you Biden and Harris and all you asshole Uniparty that lets this happen.

From the great Ace Of Spades, this is spot on:

Bullies will intensify their bullying until you break their fucking noses.

Buh Muh Private Corporations

Make your own internet, your own banks, your own credit card transaction services, your own web server complexes, and your own publishers and media.

Oh, and if you do: We'll activate our Cartel Members to strangle them in the crib.

I guess what they're really saying is "Make your own country."


Ok dare me to be wrong here Mr. Market.  Lining up for the obligatory "Monday morning pop".


There will be a new political party. Social mood theory actually predicts this.  In a Grand Supercycle negative social mood event, this is actually the theory, not a speculation. A negative mood environment such as this predicts that society will fracture into sub-groups. Some call it tribalism, some call it feudalism. Both are from the Middle Ages and/or from a much prior period in time. 

We are only at the tip of the iceberg because the mood has not yet completely "turned" negative.  There is still a shred of positive mood in the "false mood" (B) wave peak which may or may not have ended.  Or you can call it 5 of (5) of [5] of (V) of (III) if you want. They both speak the same thing: Mood is turning and because it's at a Grand Supercycle degree, it will be brutal. 

But turn it will. The last of American's patience has run out no matter the political stripe. I do not couch these coming "battles" in terms of left vs. right but in evil vs. good.  There are those who want literal blood on 1/2 half of the country and it is not the Christian half that wants this.

The Christian half of society or those that were raised by Christian beliefs and have sympathy for humans will be shocked in horror of the things society is capable of. Already you have people like that fucking asstwat Baldwin who dreams of hanging Trump. And of course that certainly implies dreaming of hanging 75 million Trump supporters.

This is the sickness of a social mood turning point. This is a "false social mood wave" in every sense and it cannot go on forever, it will end very badly. That Twitter allows this to remain up and does not ban says everything you need to know. They wish you and I were literally dead, and they will cheer on those who carry it out.

The Uniparty is running scared in DC. They have no idea what they are supposed to be "about". Biden's Inauguration was so empty it was telling. Oh they cooked up the idea that "right wing extremism" was so bad they had to shut down the city but you know its bullshit. They couldn't get 6 people to show up for a Biden rally and Harris got ZERO delegates in the democratic nomination process. Its beyond a joke, its like '1984', but guess what? We are not a bunch of Winston's and this is not the "Hunger Games". (edit; sorry for the bad language)

They are scared. They are very scared because the amount of fraud to get them elected has now clearly passed the "plausibility" litmus test.  We have entered the "Venezuelan Model", yet we are not Venezuelans relegated to "take it up the ass and deal with it" just like all other 3rd world countries.

We are Americans. 

And we will resist the socialist takeover.  And economically, we are in for a total financial collapse, as this is all negative social mood with corresponding negative social mood results.

Alinsky's Rule #5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

Even Maduro had more people come to his "Inauguration".


We're close. Can it pop again? Sure why not. But its close. The whole shit-shebang is coming unglued and you can bet the "socialist" policy implementations like cancelling 50K union jobs on DAY 1 will have an accelerating affect of where we are really heading. Oh they'll get their wish,

Perhaps the best count even though there was a slight violation of (iv) overlap with (i). Just a reminder of how weak this is.

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