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Friday, February 5, 2021

Elliott Wave Update ~ 5 February 2021


Yields not yet on anyone's radar, at least not the "mainstream media".  Duration risk, duration risk...


CPCE. Merging of the master moving averages.  Don't cross the streams!


The Republican Party deserves a "dick in their face". Just sayin'.  


The Wilshire 5000 has cleared the 1.50% and 50% cluster and may be headed to the Fibonacci 1.618 and .618 dual relationship cluster.  Note: "1.50%" or "1/2" are not  Fibonacci "numbers" 1.618 and .618 most assuredly are.

Again, the main point is this: "There are enough waves in place to consider the wave structure "complete", however we have room for a more ideal structure/count."

In other words, this is all "gravy" from here on out. We have fulfilled the main count, now we are tweaking it to a potential very fine degree.

So based on a potential Fib cluster of 42,450, there are potential ideal counts to achieve that. Again, there are enough waves in place as it is....

Even the weekly suggest prices will run to the 42,450 spot.
NYSE. Still decent up internals 
VIX hammered some more. I really think its about closing that sub-20 gap. 

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