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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Weekend Charts and Stuff


[If you're allergic to politics, religion or contrarian opinions, don't read this.]

As far as the mass corona virus experimental vaccination, I'm pretty much with Karl Denninger. I'm not getting it, I don't trust it, and I think it's more or less a fraud (in the sense that it is heralded as the only path back to "normality") and is foolish. People lining up begging to get jabbed in an experimental mRNA vaccine (never before used on humans) and by the very same government we do not trust in every other aspect of our lives? I'll just leave it at that. 

And oh yes, I am pretty sure the virus escaped from the Wuhan level 4 lab. Any Nancy Drew could put the simple pieces together and figure that out. All the research papers on "gain of function" experiments on bat corona viruses at that very lab have been public for years.  Released on purpose? That's a loaded question. It only takes one person to release something so sinister "on purpose". Lee Harvey Oswald took out the President of the United States, as the evidence paints him the lone actor in that dastardly deed.  Could not a disgruntled lab employee or some other agent, acting alone, perpetuate the release of such a deadly virus that was being worked on in the lab? Of course.

The theory of evolution is the devil's game as it directly contradicts every religion known to man, most particularly, Judaism and Christianity. Logically speaking, everything that is spawned from that same theory, by default, is also a devil's game. 

"Climate Change" is a religion and Bill Gates is a pawn of the devil.  The "elite" don't really care about the earth per se. What they really want is the depopulation of billions of people because they are sociopaths and the religion of climate change demands it. It is the devil's religion. Note how I didn't use the term "death of billions of people" because that is inflammatory.  Yet the term "depopulated" is very accurate because that is what they want! (is there a difference in the meaning of those terms??)

Electric cars are not about "green" anything. The industry of making and sustaining electric car batteries is probably one of the most polluting on earth. All they care about is controlling the middle classes , as  the last bastion of resistance to the elites and their "Great Reset" is "normal" people who don't buy into the false religion(s) of the devil, those who reject the climate change religion, those who reject evolutionism, those who reject the killing of millions of unborn souls in the womb

Electric cars severely limit our travel and force us to connect to the "grid" (and alert others to our whereabouts) which is controlled by the elites (or will be once we near 100% electric cars). If you idiots can't see that is what electric cars are all about then you get what you deserve.

Oil is God's gift to mankind. It has proven to be in abundance in practically every segment of the earth and it is likely a renewable resource. Call it the "Earth's natural lubricant". It has enabled a population growth to billions of people which was God's will.  Since I reject the theory of evolution, and since "fossil fuels" are an outgrowth of that theory (in the sense the elites demand that you believe that plant matter from millions of years ago is the sole source of oil), one can see that oil is actually a gift to mankind from God. And of course the devil's religion of climate change rejects it!

We are reaching peak bullshit. Peak false religion. Peak anti-God.  Take heart because God is on the side of those that have the courage to stand up and call out the bullshit for what it is. Unfortunately, there is no one left in our political class willing to do so. 

These are some of things I need to get off my chest while I still have a blog. There is much more, but that's its for now.


Well, the Age of Trump is over (for now). Acquitted as expected. 

Revamped squiggle chart. Could have been a contracting triangle for wave (iv) of [v].  Lot of futures to get thru for an "up" Tuesday open.  Could just as well be a "limit down" as far as I can tell. Market is due for a historic collapse. I would prefer it reaches for the ideal range of 42,441 - 42,485 first....

Note the internals on the NYSE. Steadily declining since the March 2020 low. And declining even since the recent surge up in wave  [v].
Yeah the arrow is pointing way down. But would you have believed me last April had I had an arrow pointed straight up to where we are today? No, I didn't think so.  
Yesterday's CPCE chart. Ohh! A print above .40! Too bearish! (sarcasm)
Even the Nikkei has a nice complete count
Bonus! It closed its 3 decade old open chart gap!

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