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Monday, March 15, 2021

Elliott Wave Update ~ 15 March 2021


Vix. In the gap and almost closed.  The "state of agitation" gauge needs a breather sub 20 perhaps. It probably won't last too long. People are weary. The stolen election, the anti-liberty lockdowns, the threat of government/corporate/media, etc. left wing violence against normal Americans. 

Obey or else! That is clearly the message our little Che overlords are sending us. Normal Americans don't know how to react quite yet. We tried legitimate protesting to have our voices heard but it now seems MAGA is outlawed.  The "Reichstag Fire" is something they won't let go because it fits their agenda of oppressing (and literally locking up) any Trump voters which is probably some 80+ million.

People need a breather. But I suspect it won't last long. 

And don't get me started on the "Cult of the Mask". Its all so bizarre and evil. The purposeful killing of Americans by denying them simple drugs to counteract a virus (HCQ, Ivermectin). The purposeful killing of old people by spreading COVID in the old age homes. The (soon-to-be) forced experimental vaccinations that has been linked to now over 1,400 deaths via the VARES site.

And I'll just throw in the slaying of babies and harvesting their parts for the promises of immortality. Evil.

AND ALL THIS AT AN ALL-TIME MARKET HIGH! Imagine what a real social mood downturn will look like!

Does the NASDAQ require a new high? It can count either way.


The count(s) continued; the odd spike to pink (iii) is not matched by the SPX so I am not sure why the Wilshire printed that spike last week. But it remains, therefore we'll count it as such.

I'm really watching this Fib relationship at 42,485 very closely. All-time high closing price for the Wilshire 5000.
Otherwise we can count using the alternate version below which says the same thing. The RSI patterns fits the count below nicely. Peak at 3, wane at [v] of 5.
Daily RSI matches the profile of a 5 wave move. Again, peak at 3, wane at 5...
I'll have more later.

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