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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Elliott Wave Update ~ 17 March 2021


I'll start out with a little social mood commentary. The left, having stolen the election which has been a long-standing social mood tradition outcome since the Tammany Hall era of the 1800's, are so emboldened that they figured they would simply reenact the Obama years of open borders, endless immigration, free spending, etc.  

But the social mood response is not the same since the "Age of Covid" and the "Cult of the Mask". 

You see, all the liberal "Karens" and those who harass people in public who don't wear the mask "over the nose" are also now not happy with TEAM BIDEN sending Central and South Americans freely over the border to the tune of having some 13,000+ kids in cages and all the associated human baggage spreading Covid everywhere. 

The old ways simply don't fly anymore and the "elite" and politicians are always the last to gain a clue.  That is the way social mood trends works. "Government" (hence politicians) is always a step behind the curve in social mood. Why? Because "government" is a long-festering conglomeration of social mood trends and is always at the end. In other words, if "government" endorses a trend in mood (good or bad) you can bet that the mood in question has already peaked or troughed and has already turned opposite!

I cannot stress that point above enough, as it is a solid basis of social mood trends! If the government finally gets around to the point of view to tell you to do something, you can guarantee that doing the very opposite will be in your best interest! That's just the way it works. That's just the way bureaucracies of any kind works.

Simply put, social mood has changed very negatively and its a time bomb. The old bullshit elite rolling over Americans of all political persuasions will get a rude awakening. The liberal "Karens" who cheered on endless immigration in years past (because they "perceived" that they were not affected at the time) are now decrying the stopping of the building the wall!  The left has miscalculated and even Biden is now begging that the immigrants to stay away.

I give Trump credit. His instinct was to generally stay ahead of the social mood curve, which was always his gift as a politician.  He was always somewhat of a contrarian and still is. Right or wrong, he ended his presidency at a social mood high and he will not suffer in the long run as a result. That's just the way it works. 

He has predicted that the 401k's and pensions will collapse under Biden and I have a hard time to argue that he will not be correct in the long run. The "long run" need only be 1 -2 years. If 401k's take a 50% haircut in 2 years what do you think the Karens and "liberal" middle/upper class of this world will think then? Will Team Biden and Kamala be revered or despised? 

I could go on and on, but you get my point(s) and I'll leave things here for now at that. The bottom line is that social mood trends affect everything...economically, politically, culturally and spiritually.

Social mood moves first irrespective of actual events, trends to the mood develop, results and event outcomes of the mood trends happen at all degree. That is Elliott Wave Theory in a nutshell.


See the simple reversal of what "most" people would naturally think? (Most people think events happen first and mood is the result. FALSE! Elliott wave theory states the opposite!)

Mood shifts first (stock market is the near real-time "meter"), normal "events" happen, yet our PERCEPTION (mood) of the event is based on the current mood at the time.

In other words if Reagan was elected in 1976....he would be a 1 term president who would be perceived to be one of the worst Presidents of all time. But he wasn't. He was elected in 1980 in a rising soical mood trend and his Presidency ended with a social mood rising tide in 1988. Hence, his Presidency ended at a significant social mood upturn and he is remembered as such in a positive light.

Yes its that simple.

And you can also say that Ronald Reagan wasn't elected in 1976 because he didn't fit the social mood at the time. Jimmy Carter was. Carter reflected our social mood and he was elected. And we tired of him by 1980. He was the product of social mood and he was desposed of because of social mood. Not the other way around.

Get it? Social mood move first, events happen, perception of events is the result of social mood trends at the time.  Apply that principle to everything in your life and you will have freed yourself of guilt and anxiety on why things happen the way they do.

Yet more importantly, you can perhaps predict social mood trends to come based on Elliott Waves. The Stock market is our "speedometer". Our roadmap. 

That's why you can't help but peek at this blog even if you hate my supposed and perceived "ideology"! (you only hate it because of social mood trends and your perception to such)


Triangle developing?

Preferred count is that this is a bullshit (B) wave.
The other count is 5 of (5) to infinity.,..its the same thing. A peak for all-time's sake.

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