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Friday, March 26, 2021

Elliott Wave Update ~ 26 March 2021


Do a search of "Daneric" (which has always been a unique name). Google and Microsoft have colluded to bury me.  I was once the top search object. Now I am erased....


Well, you can't find my blog anymore on the web via a simple search of  "Elliott Wave(s)", no matter what "search engine" you try. I am officially an "unblog". They (the "Feds" via corporates whores - Microsoft, Google - ) purposely buried me as I must be over the target as concerned with my commentary since the fake, STOLEN election.

The cancel culture is real even to a small guy like me. I suspect everyone  that has a link on "Zero hedge" is a target. 

Fuck you corrupt FBI, DOJ, CIA, DEA and all the other shit agencies that think your bigger than "We the People". I have Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior on my side, I do not worry!

I do more to protect my country than most of you traitorous pussies with a hard on for harassing private citizens. Yet still, there are a LOT of good people in the FBI, DOJ, CIA and DEA yet they are afraid of speaking up! Well the time is NOW! Don't let them harass another citizen for political purposes!


Either or works. 5 waves to an all-time high or the ultimate bullshit fake top we ever saw? They both work.

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