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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Elliott Wave Update ~ 3 March 2020


The best count is shown below. Impulse patterns down are getting more ideal as time goes on.

Another way to count it.

Weekly. Back beneath the channel line(s).
The top bull count is below. This implies that the pivot low must hold.

Lots of talk of coming massive inflation, in part due to the rise in bond yields. Its all bullshit thinking.  Massive deflation is what is likely going to happen. Specifically asset deflation.  Not that it is not needed. It is. The sky-high stock market is one such example.

Yes prices are going up on staple-type things, but people forget that inflation/deflation forces are also driven by simple supply/demand and policy-driven bullshit. Monetary policy is not the only driver of price. The COVID lockdowns have certainly disrupted the supply side of things for going on a year. 

Monetary policy has no doubt helped driven asset price inflation (which is likely popping as we speak).  But in social mood theory, this is predicted. Credit bubbles occur only in positive social move waves in which we are at a historic level. But constant meddling in free markets have also produced inflation via supply/demand distortions. 

In short, we WILL pay out the nose for every day living things simply because the uber-rich politicians and corporate whores are not affected by ribeye steak costing $12.49 lb. This has no impact on them but it does you and me and that is their design "feature" not a bug. These assholes want to drive the price of steak up because they don't want us eating it yet they will eat it like there is no tomorrow.  They want us driving electric cars to control us yet they will own and drive the biggest gas-guzzling SUVs they can get (and serve as a status symbol to boot). They want us to ask permission to not have to wear an ass-rag over our mouths (and noses they insist) to buy basic groceries so we don't starve. 


Bonds are worthless. Stocks are certainly worthless for the same reasons. Just paper bullshit promises. And the amount of paper promises is staggering. Yet bonds and stocks are sold into dollars and that makes dollars worth far more than any other piece of paper on the planet. At least until all the other worthless paper is discarded. Only then will we discard the final worthless paper pieces...

In short, everyday living items like food and gas and energy will be subject to "inflation" yet the true driver of this is because of policies that interrupt supply on purpose.   Asshole lockdown polices and climate change bullshit policies and other insane laws and all the other bullshit propaganda meant to bankrupt the last of the middle classes on earth. For it is the middle classes who have the power to fight back and save the last free Republics in this world with the United States being by far the most important. 

Otherwise dark days are ahead. They truly are. Yes we will pay more for food, energy and things that we need to live on. And its largely due to the fuckheads who worship at the alter of the devil in one way or another. Those who worship "mother earth" and the global warming climate change bullshit, those who are sociopaths who inevitably rise to all the levers of power, and those who are simply ignorant and anti-god and are being used by the forces of the evil to advance the causes of lies, death and despair.

Fight. It. All. 

Fuck the vaccine bullshit I am willing to bet that 2-3 years from now there will be a lot of gnashing of teeth on that issue alone. I try to remain sensible on it, but it seems to be taking a "Mark of the Beast" life of its own.  Get the vaccine or else not be allowed to participate in society nor even to go shopping to buy basic food services. Yeah I want to think its not real, but every passing day makes me think otherwise. 

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