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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Elliott Wave Update ~ 30 March 2021


I read the perfect blog post that exactly captures how I view things at this stage of social mood.  His post is about the lying liars and how they know we know they are lying to us about everything.  Yet their contempt for the "normals" is great and they continue the "Ponzi Scheme of Lies". And to be fair, I found his blog via the Zero Hedge post where it was featured.

Yes I like that description. The Ponzi Scheme of Lies about sums it all up. 


"Everywhere I look I see...doing their best to convince us of the most absurd lies to hide the rank incompetence at every level of our society’s power structure.

And it doesn’t matter what issue we’re discussing: masks, vaccines, election fraud, racism, Joe Biden’s health, climate change, the sovereign bond markets, lockdowns."


I (Daneric) figure I'd add some more to the "Big Lie" list: evolution, Big Bang Theory (origin of the Universe and the T.V. Show), dinosaurs, fossil fuels, electric cars, fitness, cholesterol, ANTIFA, BLM, Trump supporters, critical race theory, border security, saturated fats, strength training, origin of the China virus, true nature of socialism and its destructive get the idea.

In reality its not just the endless lies to our faces, its the outright hypocrisy and they just don't care and that makes them sociopaths. They flaunt the hypocrisy and then like the dead parrot sketch, tell you with a straight face  a) they didn't do what they did... b) shut up and eat cake...  c) Shut up and eat cake or I'll ruin you financially and/or have you locked up and feed you to a BLM prison mob on some trumped up bullshit. 

Damn. Them. All. To. Hell.

I'll post a "hypocrisy" post probably this weekend that will tie into the Ponzi Scheme of Lies theme.


Updated possible squiggles. 

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