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Monday, March 8, 2021

Elliott Wave Update ~ 8 March 2021


Junk. This chart looks tired. It seems right for a big move lower. Its absolutely insane what this chart actually represents which no one ever gives a passing thought. This is the worst of the worst in investable debt supposedly. 

Its insane and once in a while I have to say that in my blog for posterity's sake. 

Yet still....its almost as if corporations' debt is more valued than the government's debt.  After all, which chart has been hammered worse, the US 10 Year yield or Junk? Junk seems unsinkable in that regard.

In the 2008 - 2009 downturn, it was always pointed out that JUNK was leading the way lower. However things have seemingly changed. Government debt seems to be leading lower and that is not good.

I don't know what to make of it, but paradigms may have shifted a bit and I am open to that. Government debt bombs first and corporate debt survives (for a bit at least). Is that the new paradigm for now?

Ultimately though debt is all fails if it cannot be sustained. Corporate or government. Ponzi schemes are Ponzi schemes, regardless. 


They need to stop calling the COVID shot a "vaccine". It is no more a vaccine than the "flu shot". In fact, they should call it the "COVID Flu Shot".  In no way will this shot keep you from ever getting COVID or its eventual many mutations. They all know this. I would argue its "misinformation" to be continuing to call the "shot(s)" a "vaccine". It is not.

The mRNA version is also "experimental". This type of shot has never been approved before on humans. You run the risk of unexpected outcomes in the future.  Perhaps a mutated strain of the COVID will attack harshly those who got "vaccinated" with the prior strain? You have set things in motion with your body that has not been properly evaluated over many years time.

I am whole-heartedly against getting the "COVID flu Shot" for myself. You can do what you want, I claim to be no expert in this area. But my instincts tell me not to get it. It has more than a whiff of "Mark of the Beast" vibe to it.  It may not be the final "mark" as foretold in the Bible's "Book Of Revelations",  but it feels like the beginning of the very process that will ultimately lead to that very outcome. So I am never getting it, period and I know I am against the grain on this.

I do however, want to make it clear that I am not against anyone choosing to get the shot. I understand. I sympathize.  I never held it against people getting the annual "flu shot" (I never get and never got the flu either), so therefore why would I object to those opting to get the COVID flu shot?  

I do however predict the ruling class will use this to control us and demand we get the shot.(This is where the "Mark of the Beast" vibe comes into play)

Therefore I vehemently oppose mandatory shots. I oppose restrictions on those opting out of the shots. I oppose it with all my free will.


I don't think I have ever seen the DJIA and the NASDAQ at such a disconnect in prices. Composite down 2.4%, DOW up almost 1% in a new all-time high. That's a significant difference.

Of course, the Wilshire 5000 having just about every stock in its index is a mixed bag and ended negative.

Bonds. Back in August I was highlighting bonds in that they were likely making a price move to an all-time low yield.  I think 0.52 nailed the lowest yield...
The "duration risk" is very much a problem. percentage-wise, yields have risen the most in over 40 years in such a short amount of time.  

And now:
LOL Apple and Tesla. 

I despise both stocks. Apple because they are the ultimate corporate whores. They enslave the Chinese peasants to crank out their overpriced, intrusive hardware and pollute their environment.  You don't "own" anything by Apple. You just rent it. You can't upgrade your iPhone battery, they force you to buy another.  The "tinkerability" of any of their hardware is near zero and that is on purpose so they can suck as much greed and money from those who can afford nor can't afford. They just don't fucking care either way.  

God forbid the Chinese invade Taiwan (which they really, really want to do). Your Apple stock will get hammered (along with all the other captured Chinese products/corporations).

Both have 5 wave impulse patterns lower. Due for a bounce? I don't really care.
Tesla -40% from peak. I can only hope it goes to ZERO.  Electric cars are a very real threat to our freedom. The fact that government is shoving them down our throats is all you need to know.
The top alt pattern for the Wilshire. Again, the total displacement between the DJIA and the NASDAQ Composite is quite striking and makes this count the lesser scenario.

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