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Saturday, March 13, 2021

Weekend Charts and Commentary and Stuff


The people and organizations agitating for "defunding the police" are actually duping the general public for the following reasons:

1. They agitate against the police to demoralize them. Demoralized "good" cops then retire or resign. The vacancies eventually get filled by those who support the radicals. In other words, the total corruption of the police department(s) results in good cops exiting and bad cops in support of the radicals get instituted.

We are seeing that already occurring. Many good cops exited the stage after the "defunding call". And now they are quietly "refunding". Yet who are the good cops being replaced with? Not with other good cops. They are being replaced with "compliant" cops. Its fucking obvious.

2.  The same thing is happening in the military. Purge those who support the Constitution. Replace with those who would order the "troops" to shoot on normal Americans (Ashli Babbitt).

3. The same things have either already happened (education system, FBI, CIA, etc.) or is in the process of happening.

They don't want to defund the police; They want to be the police. Our local "good cops" are about the last thing that stands in the way. They want to demoralize police and have them leave and replace them with police who bend the knee of fealty to the evilmongers, or who are just plain sociopaths themselves.

That cop above had a clear choice. He chose evil, because either that is who he is, or too weak to stand for what's right. Either way ALL the institutions are filling quickly with the above.

Any idiot can figure out that's how totalitarianism works.  We are in the "create a banana republic stage" and capture all institutions, and they are in the process of replacing the last vestiges with "their" side  and demand fealty or else.


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