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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Elliott Wave Update ~ 27 April 2021



"The Jabbed vs. Unjabbed". (See commentary near the end of post)

A squiggle count exists that could indicate today was a top. I doubt it, but its there all the same.

The Composite is just 3 points shy from a new all-time intraday high. As far as channeling, wave structure, etc. this is a good-looking count.
Breath thrust chart. 
DJIA Daily count. 
Nikkei. Every thing seems aligned for a final pop up.
CPCE 3,5,10,30 moving averages. Our  signature" divergence may be occurring as it did in 2020. But boy the baggage any unwind is carrying is great.
Here are the longer dated averages. They are slowly pointing higher. Its been an amazing persistent run. But when the market can no longer get these averages going downward, it may indicate that leverage is about to burst. And in such an historic fashion that it will be a sight to behold. We are ready. Even the 180 day (!) average has flattened.
Global Dow. Strike on the channel line.
Primary wave [1] of Cycle wave V started in March 2009 and peaked in April 2010, a Fibonacci 13 months. We now have the same time setup (as pointed out by Sven Henrich) for Primary wave [1]'s "sister" wave, Primary wave [5] of Cycle wave V. Everything seems "aligned" for a final squiggle or two. There is no unsatisfying count on any chart that I have shown you above.  

I suspect we are close because PEAK COVID and PEAK VACCINE JAB - particularly peak vaccine jab - is about here. People are waking up one by one and starting to question if the shots were a good idea. The massive oversupply will be stunning.  I predicted in early April that we would be peak vaccine jabs by this time and it seems to be playing out that way.  And now that the United States Covid peak cases is lowering yet again, people are in no rush to get jabbed as the stories mount on some horrible outcomes. Like I said the more they jabbed, the more people hear bad personal stories no matter how much Twatter and You Tube think they can suppress information.

Peak social mood has caused vaccine willingness to dry up just as peak risk caused a large segment of the population to take a blind risk on getting jabbed. Its a paradoxical situation. From here on out, its going to be the JABBED vs. The UNJABBED. This is our new social mood theme.

This coming confrontation will unite people that have been divided for the last 10 years. You'll have intercity blacks refusing along with suburban whites and vice versa. You'll have the young uniting with the old. And you'll have Republicans siding with Democrats.  You will not be able to predict which side your close political friends come down on.  Those foolish enough to get the jabs will have a vested interest in "winning". And you'll get pushback from people you trusted in other matters for many years.

Friends and family will be divided like never before.

There is a HUGE corporate, media and governmental push to steer the jabs toward mandatory, and of course this is dominated by Democrats but not 100%. 

I can personally attest people I knew that I would have bet $$ would not take the shots went and got them - mostly out of being pressured. I also know of "shot regret" is also occurring.  Throw all these factors into the soup bowl and it's going to be a dystopian era we are entering into.

A sharp downturn in mood will cause this confrontation to go hot. Buckle your seatbelts.

Oh yeah there was a supermoon too going on.

Hopefully it peaked. Of course a lot of people have got jabbed so it has to peak somewhere. But its a good sign, unfortunately they managed to get near a majority of adults with at least one shot (but there has been millions who have skipped the second)

Greatest disaster ever in human history unfolding before our eyes. Greatest worldwide evil ever.  The amount of long term injuries and "sudden" deaths will not go unnoticed forever. 

In fact, what will happen to the jabbed once the next "flu" season later this year comes around?

Who will line up for a 3rd shot??

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