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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Elliott Wave Update ~ 28 April 2021


Its amazing how many shots they were able to jab into millions of naïve Americans up until now. But "vaccine hesitancy" is now a real thing.  As I predicted many weeks back, the more jabs they gave, the more people will wake up. It's proof that the shots are hurting and killing people because now everyone has a story about a relative or friend who either had a very hard time with the jab outcome or worse. In other words they can suppress FB and YT and Twatter (they all did), but they can't suppress loved ones being hurt (although I can say that the lockdowns certainly helped them to suppress "word of mouth" also).

I can only come to the logical conclusion that they really are trying to kill large swaths of people.  What do I base this on?

1. The immediate criminalization, suppression and denial of any and all alternate treatments that came along and still are in place.

2. The forcing of Covid patients back into nursing homes by Democratic governors.

3. The pushing of a "vaccine" as our only savior from day 1.

4. The complete lack of investigation into the likely origin of the China Virus being released from a lab.

5. The fact that we all trusted what the Chinese gave us as far as the virus "sequence". To this day, it has never been properly and truly isolated (and tested). They are lying. Why would I trust that they didn't when all my other pertinent points are based on lies too?  Nothing is ever questioned and if it is, it gets immediately buried.

6. The pushing of a fraudulent PCR test that will return "positive" whether its a booger or dog shit. And why do they have to shove it so deep toward your brain? Its like a ritual similar to the "Cult of the Mask".

7. The skewing of any and all statistics toward the side of those who wish to keep everyone in a constant state of fear so that they will acquiesce without thought or question into getting a rushed, experimental "jab".

8. The complete non-science of harsh lockdowns, masks, closures and keeping loved ones away from each other even if they were dying.

9. Social media suppressing anything negative about the "narrative" including treatments that could save lives! 

10. The over-the-top propaganda on getting everyone in the world jabbed (mostly twice just to make sure) of a horrible series of "vaccines" that kill and maim when in fact its probably been proven that up to 80% of us have some natural innate immunity anyway.  And this was the result of a complete fascist melding of the world media, global corporate whores, social media, and all the governments at every level and every institution of the world (save many of the African nations - but don't worry Billy G is working hard on that!)

11. The complete lack of investigation into all the obvious deaths and maiming that are occurring daily by the thousands from the jab. I showed you this over the weekend on how to search VAERS. Its obvious the CDC is ignoring this and hoping you do too.

12. The complete lack of investigation into what appears to be a MAJOR problem with the "vaccinated" effects on women's (and men's) reproductive systems and the effects on those who are not jabbed! And this is the kicker! Damage a few hundred million reproductive systems, and we won't have a population problem anymore huh?

I could go on and on and on but did I miss anything? I'm sure I'll get a dozen links from people who just love that Reuters "fact check debunking site" (boy they have worked overtime to keep the bullshit flowing to the masses). But anyone who has been half paying attention (only a handful) know all this and more. So again my conclusion is that they want us dead. And its global.

What I can't understand is how so many went blindly along with it all? I know many bright, smart people and even those who completely distrust government didn't give it a second thought about getting the jab. People who I thought would not line up, did so and flashed their "vaccine" cards with a smile. 

The usual ungodly (fascist lefties) will deny any and all of the above but actually they won't look at it at all less it may disturb their unbalanced sense of self. This is what happens when "climate change" replaces the true Creator as the deity of worship. Evil flourishes. They have replaced God with the worship of modern medicine in its place.  And have jabbed themselves willingly with genetic material that bypasses the Creator's natural systems in a final act of obedience to Modern Medicine - and a final act of disobedience in trusting God.

And now they are sacrificing their children in the perverted name of "science" for same. And they want all our children jabbed too as an act of obedience to Modern Medicine - and disobedience toward the Creator.

But underneath I knew this would happen because Elliott Wave theory suggested it would happen this way. At the top of a Grand Supercycle wave,  a seemingly majority of the Western populations gladly were complacent and took a great risk (though most haven't realized it yet).

Complacency and risk. Two major traits of a peaking social mood. And boy are they at the top!

This world-wide shitshow peaking process is almost over.  As suggested last night we are rounding the top in a big way. Complacency and risk is curdling. Vaccine hesitancy may turn into a stampede out the back door and the coming anger will not be suppressed forever. It won't just be black people pissed off you know. 

The coming mood will be focused on the "jabbed" vs "unjabbed" and that theme will be prevalent from here on out.  Why? Because there is a major global Corporate push (the whores acting on behalf of the governments) to get this jabbed into everyone. Major corporations, from what I hear, have now taken over the pushing of the jab by CEO's (but mainly their Vice President Underlings so as not to dirty the CEO's hands). In other words, they are now not-so-subtle in threatening continued employment.

The Jabbing War is about to go super hot! 

And again, as suggested last night coalitions will form from unexpected places on both sides of the ball. BLM taking cause with soccer moms?  Millennials taking common cause with old white men?  Popular Republican politicians in bed with their whore Democrat overlords? (oh wait that always seems to happen).

So society will likely go through a serious fracturing.  Family member spewing venom and hate at fellow family members. All pointing the fingers at the impending disaster that is likely to come.

Are we really going to let them do us a third shot? LOL. Even the jabbed sycophants will have second thoughts but it'll be too late for them anyways. Once the 5G towers are all up and humming they better hope all them synthetic nanogel particles don't wake up and cause them harm. But of course they will.


Again a possible top today.  But the DJIA squiggles suggested the final pop higher has not yet occurred.

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