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Monday, April 5, 2021

Elliott Wave Update ~ 5 April 2021


I will never take the CCP virus "vaccine". I am with Karl Denninger on this issue.  It's a risk not worth taking. The mRNA vaccines are probably dangerous in the long run. I think its extremely foolish. 

Why did the "authorities" lie about effective treatments such as Ivermectin and HCQ (nor to this day even seriously explore or fund a research on them?) Well the laws are written that an "emergency" vaccine cannot be authorized if there exists "other" effective treatments. I had not known of this but this now makes sense on why they talked down every treatment since March 2020. They simply wanted the vaccine and they got their way. But to get there they had to publicly denigrate that any treatment(s) such as Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin was ineffective. It was all a lie of course. Follow the Money.....

Japan elected to intervene early with effective treatment when anyone tests positive with the CCP.  The results? Only 9,231 deaths. Japan has 126 million people. Not quite half of the United States. So do the math! Why do you never hear of the "media" reporting on how Japan is doing things? Because it goes against their narrative that the vaccine is our only saviour....

If Fauci went out and said HCQ and/or Ivermectin were "effective" treatments, then the "laws" of emergency vaccine approval was off the table. And if they could not get "emergency" authorization, the "laws" meant that vaccine approval would probably taken many years of testing (as it should have been).  This would have likely resulted in no vaccine at all or years down the road.

I think at some point they told Trump this. He backed off publicly pushing alternate treatments as a result. They "demonized" these alternate, effective treatments and he bit his tongue because he wanted the "vaccine" because "Operation Warp Speed" was largely his idea. He was stupid in this regard.

The vaccine in my opinion may very well be a catalyst for large scale death to come. There has never been a successful coronavirus vaccine (we are talking cure for the common cold!) largely because of how it naturally mutates. A possible mutation could as well "lock on" to those who are vaccinated.  This is known as "ADE"

The other possibility is that the vaccine will allow a much deadlier strain of the CCP virus to survive where it should have died out (such as SARS died out quickly because it was too deadly). Thus those not vaccinated will suffer extreme death due to the mutations of the virus. The "vaccinated" will have allowed and enabled this virus to mutate and survive. 

So damned if you do, damned if you don't. In either case, I will be the contrarian and say NO!. I will trust the Lord in any event. 

And hence, a catalyst for a total stock market collapse could as well be the very failure of these experimental vaccines. The wave count simply points to something dramatic happening within the next year or so. 

You cannot "undo" a shot in the arm. Therefore I will not be getting one.


Friday's suggestion that a pop higher would occur today was fulfilled. However the pop was more aggressive in regards to a small pop to Wilshire 42,440 and then reversal. So in that regard, we can say that the 1.618 Fibonacci marker may not  be a factor. Which implies that the wave count from March 2020 may not in fact be a (B) wave. And that's ok.  I have been suggesting that counting the wave structure from March 2020 has elements of both a "corrective" (irregular top) and an impulse to new all-time highs.

It may still be the case. NYSE up volume vs down volume and advancing stocks vs. declining stocks ended the day at 1.52 and 1.69 respectively. Not bearish, but not a super breakout number considering the Wilshire has now finally made a new all-time high after floundering for 6 weeks.


The most bullish count has the market poised for a "breakout" of the long-running weekly channel as we are back up against the top of the upper channel line.

What I "like" about this count is that you can "see" the waves on a weekly scale for the past 12 months which is preferable. Also, the peak RSI is at blue 3 of (5) which is a normal situation.
And thus:
Arithmetic scale is intriguing. A long upward wedge? Keep your eye on this chart, it may be "the one".
The Tesla count supports more upside in the overall market.

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