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Monday, May 10, 2021


I have now officially rejected "germ theory" as being a mass fraud perpetuated on the unknowing population for over 2 centuries now.  As I mentioned the other night, I have only gotten 1 flu shot over the last 17 years that I remember and that was because I was with co-workers and I went and got a shot with them - perhaps as an acceptance ritual? As I have generally shunned the "consensus science" on most everything else, I had to do some deep critical thinking (and hours upon hours of researching and reading) and I have concluded that Big Medicine is a fraud through and through. I always knew that by the way. The way they handled the entire advice on eating over the last 40 years is rife with fraud and opened my eyes. I knew drugs were a fraud. They have invented like 100 new diseases in the last 20 years and a pill to "cure" it. 

And why would I think vaccines are no different?  Big Medicine doesn't want to cure us, or they would be out of business. The widespread uses of vaccines guarantees business.

I hardly ever went to the doctor and I never trusted them and I generally do not ever take pills, even ibuprofen. But that's about where I left things. I totally accepted into the idea of killer bacteria and killer viruses. Or to be fair, I never gave it much thought. But buying into the theory, I have certainly taken probably too many antibiotics - unnecessarily I might add - over the length of my lifetime.  And our lives are structured around germ theory whether we realize it or not. Pesticides, vaccination schedules, bizarre cleaning rituals - and now masks - it goes on and on and on.

Ok here is a quote from the 1957 "The Poisoned Needle" book. Since I am now staunchly anti-vaccine, that puts me in solid company with the following intellectual thinkers: 

"We should recall the splendid examples set by prominent persons of great intellectual caliber who have been staunch anti-vaccinationists and non-conformists in regard to orthodox therapeutics. Bismarck, Salisbury, V. Zedwiz, Earl Dysart, Wm. Lloyd Garrison, Premier Asquith, Gladstone, Voltaire, Victor Hugo, John Bright, G. K. Chesterton, George Bernard Shaw, Mark Twain, Elbert Hubbart, Robert Ingersoll, Alexander von Humbolt, Herbert Spencer, Alfred R. Wallace, W. Webb, Luther Burbank, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford."

Now I don't profess to know all these people she cited in 1957, but I do know Twain, Edison and Ford and they were giants in their fields. So I'm in good company.

So I won't be blogging anymore about how the "virus" was released or the "spike protein". Or Level 4 labs and all that. I think its mostly theatre and the people cooking up dead monkey spleen mixed with antibiotics with a splash of baby fetus and diseased lung tissue in petri dishes, running the concoctions through centrifuges, spilling out whatever looks the most gruesome, running a myriad of computer programs which stitch together nucleotide sequences based on previous (fraudulent) supposed genomes, and filling in the rest with best guesses - its all modern day quackery if you ask me. The bloodletters of the 21st century who's only goal is to create more soup to stick in the people. All in the name of "science".

That's about what I suspect.  Vaccines cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent!  Any why wouldn't they? Why would injected dead monkey liver and harmful animal proteins into your blood protect you from some other mystery disease? It doesn't even pass the common sense test. And when they don't prevent the disease, they have ready-made excuses - "variants", "bad batches", "rare reaction", "need to be revaccinated" - because it didn't "take". Here check this out from today. Mystery Covid "variant" that alludes the Indians and the vaccinated are getting sick! Right out of the vaccine "playbook". 

Hey, maybe it was the vaccine that caused the sicknesses in the first place?

Approval to mass jab 12 -15 years has been granted. It'll be harder to cover up the gruesome injuries and deaths of young, healthy 13 year olds for a voodoo "virus" which was never a serious threat to them. There will be a lot of gnashing of teeth and remorse when parents realize what they have done to their kids if things go bad. And a lot of bad reactions to the shots will occur.

Let me ask you this; why is it that kids did not get much in the way of Covid? No one can answer this question.  

Vaccine shots of all kinds, particularly flu shots, inject dead animal tissue poisons and foreign proteins into the body and the body reacts in certain ways, depending on the individual and how they absorb or try and eject it.  (I'm not even talking about the mRNA shots - that's another level of evil altogether) Children are the least age group to get "flu shots".  Children who do express disease in reaction to vaccination shots probably do it in different ways other than the lungs as mostly occurs in adults. So the kids are getting sick from the shots, but perhaps many are not expressing it through the lungs or the poison is stored away only to cause problems much later. Other diseases show up.

I will add an interesting personal story here for something I had never made a possible connection before until now. My first flu shot that I can remember (because it was mandatory), was when I was 19.  (I don't ever recall my mom ever taking us to get flu shots when I was growing up). After the shot, shortly thereafter (maybe weeks) - in the winter month of February - I was hospitalized for 11 days with a severe case of mononucleosis.  My spleen swelled up hugely and other organs did too. The entire experience was the worst in my life.  Much pain. They fed me Tylenol 3 codeine for 10 days and that probably made it worse. They say "mono" is a kissing disease, but honestly I only had 1 girlfriend and she wasn't sick. 

So it was always a mystery on why I got so sick and how. But it may have been a reaction to the flu shot poison that my body wasn't used to and eventually expressed itself by collecting in my spleen and my body went into shutdown mode in trying to deal with it. I didn't eat any food for 11 days and lost 20 pounds (I was down to 130).  And other than Tylenol for pain and a constant IV for fluids, the doctors could do nothing except monitor. Yet my body healed itself regardless. 

Naturally, the experts all say that the Epstein-Barr virus causes this. Here is what the CDC says about the Epstein-Barr virus:

"Many people become infected with EBV in childhood. EBV infections in children usually do not cause symptoms, or the symptoms are not distinguishable from other mild, brief childhood illnesses. People who get symptoms from EBV infection, usually teenagers or adults, get better in two to four weeks. However, some people may feel fatigued for several weeks or even months.

After you get an EBV infection, the virus becomes latent (inactive) in your body. In some cases, the virus may reactivate. This does not always cause symptoms, but people with weakened immune systems are more likely to develop symptoms if EBV reactivates."

They sure covered everything huh? Some get symptoms, some don't, some are severe, some aren't, Some get better in weeks, some don't.  Young adults can get it, children and others maybe. Gives you a lot of confidence they have this thing nailed down huh? And how does the virus become "latent"? Does it hide somewhere? Where does this thing park itself while its inactive? This little strand of un-alive foreign rna that I got from someone else by kissing them?


Let me ask you this: if a "virus" is a strand of "not alive" rna or dna, how the heck does it move around and know how to get you sick?  Is it all chance? Do these things - which are not living - come in and magically work their way into your cells and bypass your robust natural defenses? 

"Airborne viruses". More like airborne not alive strands of cell material leftovers. But they will magically wipe us out. Hey, I have another question, if I can get "bad health" through the breath of another, shouldn't I be able to get "good health" in the same manner?  The only thing I apparently DO need to worry about is the Covaids "vaccinated" expelling their poison rna nano-particles.


I'll repeat again from last night. This coming winter's "FLU" season is likely to be the WORST on record. And I make this prediction not from Germ Theory, but from vaccine theory - connected sickness. We will see more lung ailment illnesses than ever before and this time children will be amply represented. Of course they will all be 100% coded "Covid" and all the other lung ailments will have been forgotten. But whatever, it doesn't matter as each "type" of lung ailment is probably just a different expression of all the same thing - POISON that is being expelled through the lungs. 

Between the 2020 flu shots - 193 million and so far 260 million "Covaids" shots plus another likely 200 million shots of flu this coming August - December 2021 and maybe another 150 - 200 million "Covaids" shots (depending on "round 3") ----- ARE YOU GETTING THE PICTURE???

From August 2020 to December 2021 the US population of 331,000,000 people will have had 800,000,000 million shots of just 2 "vaccines"!

And I'm the crazy one?

And your telling me 800,000,000 million shots of dead monkey junk and genetically altered rna wrapped in a bow-tie of synthetic nanoparticles is going to protect us or mostly hurt us??? The coming third wave will be very bad indeed.

Your Honor, I rest my case.


Well, well, well, we did have another - as suggested - final spurt higher in the DJIA but everything else was solidly negative from opening bell. Eventually the DJIA finished negative too.

Possible count on the DOW

The Dow now has a sufficiently extended 5 of (5) so it now has a nice "look."

Composite leading the way lower?
Wilshire. Top alt is that a Minor 4 triangle is in play. A break under the recent pivot(s) lows would negate that.
The next 3 charts I took liberty with the wedgelines and connected more points.
Negative divergence on the weekly RSI

Saturday, May 8, 2021

3rd "Covid" Wave Predictions


Another snippet from the Poisoned Needle (1957) book I linked below. The author is talking about Jenner (so-called inventor of smallpox vaccine):

When Jenner made the statement that one vaccination would give lifelong protection against smallpox he seemed to expect that people would regard him as some great Oracle whose words would never be questioned. Even after deaths had occurred from vaccination he brazenly submitted a manuscript to the Royal College of Surgeons entitled, "An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of Variolae Vaccine" in which he again stated his theory, " . . . What renders the cowpox virus so extremely singular is, that the person who has been thus affected is forever after secure from the infusion of smallpox; neither exposure to the various effluvia nor the insertion of the matter into the skin producing the malady." 

The complaints continued to pour in but Jenner ignored the facts and like one possessed by an obsession he wrote in his third publication an answer to the objectors as follows: "Some there are who suppose the security (Immunity) obtained through the cowpox will be of temporary nature only. This supposition is refuted, not only by analogy with respect to the habits of disease of a similar kind, but by incontrovertible facts, which appear again its. . ." (Baron 1, p.490) 

Where (we ask) are these incontrovertible facts? No one has seen them and Jenner never did bring them forth. But Jenner and a certain class of doctors had discovered that vaccination could be a paying business even if they couldn’t make it work; so from then on, the colossal advertising program was set up to propagandize the population into believing in vaccination. 

Lord Lyttleton must have had a stake in this multi-million dollar enterprise when he stated in the House of Lords: "It is unnecessary to speak of the certainty of vaccination as a preventive of smallpox, that being a point on which the whole medical profession has arrived at complete unanimity." 

This statement was not quite true because all the enlightened doctors, (of which there were not a great many) condemned vaccination. But the words of Lyttleton had their desired effect on the people and that was the purpose of the speech. Everything possible was done to suppress the facts that revealed the dismal failure of vaccination.

Dan's comments:

WOW, nothing changed in 200 years!  Look at the emboldened passages above.  Zero facts to back up his theory of smallpox vaccination, in fact proof in spades that it only made things worse.  They realized vaccine could be big business and make lots of money. They embarked on a massive propaganda campaign.  The vaxx pushers claimed scientific "consensus" which means no one was allowed to question anything anymore. Everything possible was done to suppress negative facts!

It's incredible, that "Virologists" Alchemists have been running the same playbook for 200 years!

And of course the author Eleanor McBean herself in 1957 summed it up as such by quoting (Barron’s Life of Jenner):

"From its inception until the present day, the vaccination scheme has been an endless record of lies, deception, fraud, juggling statistics, and falsifying death certificates in order to preserve vaccination from reproach and to secure its continuation. . . and all this after more than a century of terrible experience, which has demonstrated that vaccination has killed more than smallpox, besides crippling and disfiguring millions more." 


Evil, lying Fauci predicts Fauci: 'Unlikely' US will see COVID-19 surge in fall, winter (

Well, now you can take it to the bank that we WILL indeed have a huge surge this fall, winter. And I predict a solid majority of the coming "covid" deaths will have been those who have taken the Covaids shot(s). The flu shot will no doubt also be a major factor but we will not have this data readily available as we will the Covaids shot.

Incidentally I use the term "Covaids" shot because that's what it will give you: AIDS


I came across the book "The Poisoned Needle". (free PDF) This book reads like it was written just this year. Everything I have been talking about on how to stay healthy and avoid disease and why to avoid vaccination needles is contained in this book and then some. It was written in 1957. People knew these things 64 years ago! And its a damning indictment of the state of medicine as it was in 1957! Nothing has changed. A most fascinating book, I'm in the beginning 30 pages still. It reads better than anything written today.

Ok check out this snippet from the book (in blue):


Sir Thomas Chambers, Q.C.M.P., recorder of the city of London said: "I find that of the 155 persons admitted to the Smallpox Hospital in the Parish of St. James, Piccadilly, 145 had been vaccinated." 

In Marylevore Hospital 92 per cent of the smallpox cases had been vaccinated. Marson’s report of Highgate Hospital for 1871 states that, "of the 950 cases of smallpox, 870 (90%) of the whole number of patients had been vaccinated." 

At Hempstead Hospital, up to May 13, 1884, out of 2,965 admissions for smallpox, 2,347 had been vaccinated. 

After these vaccination epidemics, more and more people refused to comply with the unjust vaccination laws and as a result of this and the improvements in sanitation and nutrition, smallpox took a drop and continued to decline until it is rarely seen at the present time. 

Dan: Unjust vaccine law of 1853? Sound familiar? When will this injustice end! This is the kind of past evidence that leads me to predict that many lung ailment deaths (they will of course be coded all Covid) will continue to occur on our coming "3rd wave" starting this fall.

Of course an excellent book came out last year called "The Invisible Rainbow: The History of Electricity and Life". Awesome book and timely. Incidentally , people have a legitimate concern with 5G because it uses frequencies that are known to interfere with certain human cells and functions. I won't be getting a 5G phone.

Some excellent sites that monitor all the Covid/Vaccination news horror: 

Tim Truth on Bitchute pumps out a lot of videos, usually every day. Up-to-date info on what's going on around the world. He does a bang up job and I highly recommend.

I like Vaccine Impact and The Covid Blog.


Corrected some syntax. I made it seem as if vitamin D pills aren't worth it. They are! I take a quality multivitamin (morning) and  C  (afternoon) and D (before bed) supplement every day. And that's it for supplements for me anyway. 

High-risk groups expected to be first to receive the vaccine booster (

LOL, they are already preparing the battlespace for 3rd shots. Even the most die-hard pro-vaxxer cheerleader is probably thinking to him or herself and wondering "WTF? I don't really want a 3rd shot....grrr." Now they have to go out and cheerlead for it. It must be exhausting!

But a 3rd shot you'll get and you better like it!  It's amazing, the FDA didn't even approve of anything yet "officially" and they are talking 3rd shots.

The tide is turning I think and in part because there is an enormous pressure to get the shot from all sides.  People are wondering; why the heck so must pressure to get the jab?


As told in my personal story in yesterday's update, I am on the verge of rejecting the deeply ingrained paradigm of "Germ Theory" altogether. It is most difficult though, our whole society has been structured around this thinking. I have researched hours upon hours and I have learned that Virologists are like the alchemists of the Middle Ages mixing mystery potions in labs. And they have never proven to make a "virus" (let alone isolate it) infect an actual person with controlled experiments. The famous experiments conducted with "infected" 1918 Spanish Flu patients refutes the idea that it was even contagious at all.

Regardless, I predict a 3rd wave of lung ailments that will mirror the months of the second spike of 2020-2021 and it will likely be the worst wave so far. And it will coincide right after the coming massive flu shot campaign that will start in August 2021.  And if a 3rd shot of Covaids is introduced at the same time it will also exacerbate the coming next phase of lung ailments.

Now why do I say lung ailments? Well, last season's lung ailments were all, of course, categorized as Covid. Its bunk. Magically the "flu" disappeared but in reality you can just lump them altogether as lung ailments. Covid, pneumonia, tuberculosis, emphysema, acute respiratory distress syndrome, common get the idea. But all of these will assuredly, with enough testing, pass the completely flawed PCR Covid test. So again, I suspect everything will be recorded as Covid, because the medical system is incentivized to do just that as anyone paying attention knows by now. I'm not going to repeat all the obvious here in this article that was not my intention. 

But then again, if I refute germ theory, then really what we have is just all lumped as "lung ailments". So it doesn't matter from that perspective what they are categorized.

Vitamin D is one of the keys to a strong immune system so that your body can safely eject certain poisons that you volunteered to take. The lungs is one such major way to expel. But little do most realize that Vitamin D pills do not make up for what you should be getting by the sun. Yes taking a vitamin D pill helps, but your skin must be the primary provider.  But we all know we have been "taught" that the sun is harmful and causes cancer.  Bullshit. Avoiding the sun and slathering copious amounts of sunscreen (as we are also taught) has resulted in our country, with what studies have shown, that 42% of the population is vitamin D deficient.  And Vitamin D is critical for our immune systems.  Is it any wonder based on this vitamin D deficiency that we get so sick as a nation particularly during the winter months (particularly in the crowded northeast) when the sun angle and time is very much shortened?

Now I am making these arguments not from a Germ Theory perspective that the covid bugs are out there ready to get us. Rather I am making these arguments from the perspective that vitamin D is critical in ensuring our immune system is working properly and can safely rid of any poisons - in this case via the lungs - without causing us to be hospitalized.  Flu shots are one such poison and perhaps upwards of 200 million will be given out this year. 

The flu vaccine is a poison and the fact that we get it anywhere from August to December sets our bodies up for a perfect storm of sickness come deep winter. Here is flu vaccine distribution from August to December when 99% of the vaccines were jabbed.

So you can see the shots ramped up and mostly delivered by the end of October when the sun is getting weaker and weaker. Now here is the recorded "covid" deaths.

We are likely to get a third wave of lung ailments that mirrors the months and the intensity of the second wave. These will most likely all be registered as "Covid". But whatever.

I predict that the deaths will be higher than the 2nd spike (reaching 5K/day peak or more) because I theorize the massive flu shot campaign and the Covaids shots 1 and 2, along with a possible Covaid jab #3 will make this the worst lung ailment spike yet.

I also predict that the majority (above 55%) of cases and "deaths" will have been from those who had been declared "fully vaccinated" with Covaids shots 1 and 2. Do you see where I am going with this? Yes you can easily see that the "authorities" will demand 3rd shots because 1 and 2 supposedly "wore off". (But of course I think they are an evil fraud to begin with). The propaganda and lies will be taken to another level altogether. 

Now we will never get statistics on how many either got a flu shot or the covaids shot or both so I can't make any predictions on how the flu shot has an influence because that data simply won't be there. No one has been posting their "I got my flu shot" on social media too much and it is a forgotten aspect of this entire ordeal since last year.

And I make this prediction NOT from Germ Theory at all. I will make this prediction based on that they have pumped hundreds of millions of injected poisons into America in the last 12 months with hundreds of millions more to come. And vitamin D deficiency will not have improved by people taking a pill every day (but they do help). The "health authorities" should have been telling us to skip the sunscreen and get plenty of sun (you don't have to burn yourself - you build up "time" every day, just like endurance in anything that cause a homeostasis reaction/recovery).

I also believe in the metaphysical/holistic aspects of disease but I don't have time for a deeper discussion. But we are all connected. When one fears constantly they will get sick, it tends to come true.  Just like social mood theory postulates moods govern over an entire population, sickness (pandemics) can work the exact same way. I'll leave it at that.

And of course we should have skipped all the shots to begin with - "flu" shot included. And forgo the sunscreen (but do take your D pill), eat healthy, love thy neighbor and get some sunshine. 

But we won't and predictably many people will die.

I hope I'm wrong.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Elliott Wave Update and My Story ~ 7 May 2021


I was always a bit of a contrarian in my life. Somewhat going against the grain. But for the most part I did what everyone else did and I listened to the "experts" and followed all the usual health and wealth advice and accepted all the usual textbook teachings from school. But I always was willing to search for information to better myself. Thank goodness for the internet. 

When the financial downturn of 2008 came, I discovered Elliott Wave Theory and started this blog shortly thereafter. Elliott Wave theory made a lot of sense and went against the grain of thinking. It was hard to think that "mood shifts in waves (concurrently on many time scales), events follow as a result, and perception of those events is the "news".  We track this social mood activity via the "waves" of the stock market. Most people think news and events occur, and only then does mood shift as a result. This is what makes sense to most people after all. They "experience" an event and mood is dour and they connect the two as the event responsible for the mood. 

At any rate, the acceptance of EW theory opened my eyes to a lot of things and made me realize the amount of fraud and greed in today's modern post-2000 society. I started questioning other things too.

But I had two health problems. One, I had a weight problem that I always tried to "cure" with the usual diet and exercise and inevitably I failed.  Also around 2006, I had slowly developed anxiety and a fear to venture further than about 12 miles from my house or I would get massive panic attacks. This caused countless problems obviously, unable to fly or even pick someone up at the airport.  I once went to my doctor about this an he prescribed an SSRI (I forget which one). I went home, took one pill, and the anxiety went through the roof. I threw the bottle out and never took another pill like that again. So I had to just deal with my anxiety. I could get to work (at the 12 mile limit) so I was ok I figured. 

Regardless, I always tried to lose weight here and there. Then I ran across the book "Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It" via scrolling through Instapundit in January 2012. This book changed my life.

It's a great book and almost reads like a detective novel. It basically details the history of fat studies, the history and causes of modern Western diseases (sugar), the studies showing how insulin was the primary hormone responsible for regulating fat production (they knew this in the 1930's) and finally the outright manipulation and fraud that has existed since the 1970's regarding low fat diets and pushed by governmental agencies into what culminated into the "food pyramid" of 1992.  Having pushed 1 of the 3 macronutrients to the side (without proof), Big Food of America responded in kind by taking out the fat an inevitably replacing with cheap carbohydrates. The rest is (unhealthy) history and we are still dealing with this to this day. 

The "experts" tell us we get fat from being lazy and eating too many calories. But it was easy for me to understand one of Gary Taube's main contrarian points in the book: carbs drives insulin which drives fat which drives hunger and results in sloth -  just the opposite of what the experts tell us.  This is why people can eat themselves literally to 1000 pounds. There is no magical bullet except to cut the carb intake so that your fat regulatory system - mostly controlled by insulin - can get your body back to a normal weight all on its own. Another point made was that exercise makes you hungry (but of course!). So the "experts" for years were telling us to "exercise and eat less calories" when that was exactly backwards.  For if you exercised you got really hungry and if you kept the same high carb diet and just tried to eat less, then your weren't addressing the underlying problem at all - insulin fat regulatory system was still out of whack. And thus you inevitably fail to lose weight or even gain more!

I read the book, I got on the "Atkins" diet and really didn't exercise at all during the 6 months. I dropped 60 pounds and got down to my normal weight all on its own.  I had "fixed" my hormonal imbalance (metabolic syndrome) and my body's fat regulatory system started to work as normal. I shed an average of 2 1/2 pounds a week. I ate plenty. I ate huge steaks. I had 3 eggs and meat for breakfast. Thank goodness I liked eating meat. Once you cut the carbs and thus correcting your hormonal balance, you don't get very hungry anyway. Carbs drives insulin which drives fat which drives hunger which drives slothiness, etc.  Contrarian thinking but true! That was the nasty cycle and it was broken by cutting out carbs and eating a high fat diet. And I never felt better and all my "biomarkers" (such as a lipid panel) were (and are) great. 

And then something else happened during the same time frame of me losing weight by cutting carbs out. My anxiety and panic attacks went away completely. I could even fly in an airplane again. To me this was an unexpected outcome. But re-reading the book I realized that since my body was making ketones for brain energy (its preferred source) rather than a constant glucose-rich energy of a high carb diet, my brain health went from diseased back to healthy all on its own. I have more or less maintained this diet to this day. I did however gain weight over the 2020 lockdowns due to acquiring a taste for certain carb-laden IPA beers, but I am already correcting that overindulgence as we speak. I cut the beer and all alcohol completely out, as its time to get back into as healthy as we can in these dark days of Covaids shots.

Now anyone with half a brain, in this year 2021, realizes that the entire food pyramid was upside down. Young, fit soccer moms lining up for their Covaids "jab" eat trendy Keto or Paleo diets and know by now that sugar kills and can causes cancer.  Why they cannot make the same connections to these "vaccines" is beyond me.

So once the weight was off, I had a lot of energy and I wanted to get stronger. I bought one of those "machines" that had an adjustable weight column and you could do like 8 different things. It helped but it really wasn't that effective. And then I made yet another unexpected discovery, I came across yet another book on Instapundit called "Starting Strength". This book is about barbell training and the proper way to train and gain strength. I went and bought a weight bench and then a power rack so I could lift weights safely by myself at home.  And yes I have off and on trained for 7 years now but I, like many, stopped during Covid. But yes I am headed back on the barbell and loving it again now that my beer belly is almost gone again.

But here is an interesting thing: The "experts" all recommend to this day "low, slow, cardio" (for safety reasons!)  and that's another reason we are so unhealthy. They basically say "walking is great exercise". Well, for the minimum of life, yes I suppose it is good to make sure you can walk from point A to point B.  We need to walk and get food afterall. My point? Going out and buying a power rack and forgoing the waste of time of walking and instead investing your time into barbell strength training would NOT be recommended by a panel of 100 random doctors anywhere.  So naturally I went and did it anyway with great results. And what do doctors actually know about nutrition and health anyway? Nothing really if you think about it. Their 3 credit class in medical school teaches them nothing.

I give you all this background as to where I am coming from via personal discovery and experience. I know it pays handsomely to go against the grain. Had I continued to "exercise and eat less", I'd be well over 290 pounds by now. If I had gone back to my doctor he would have said "Let's keep trying SSRIs until one works", and I'd be a lined up for my Covaids shot by now. Incidentally that made up quote in the last sentence sums the state of Big Psychiatry today - and that's another topic altogether. 

And I love strength training, the investment of time is minimal and the outcome of results is outstanding. For my age, deadlifting 300 pounds means lifting the lawnmower will not result in a crippling back injury.  Strength in life is incalculable especially when you get older.  It's a force multiplier. I love reading all of Mark Rippetoe's books. He has the correct outlook on life in my opinion. He doesn't beat around the bush. 

Incidentally, the first time I questioned the "health authorities" was in the 1990's and it concerned sunscreen products. I never liked to use them and rarely did. They are greasy and have funny textures and lo and behold nano-particles - just like the "vaccines". Well everyone I knew had religiously used them and they all had skin cancers cut out over time.  And they all gladly show you their little scars and are convinced the sunscreen is saving their life. I tell them I suspect the sunscreen is actually causing the cancer in the first place. Again, contrarian thinking, but I have never had a skin cancer (knock on wood) cut out of me - yet anyway. I haven't used a sunscreen in 15 25 years and have had no problems.

So again, going against the grain of the "experts" almost assuredly will steer you to a better path. And you probably know where I am going with all this.  Yes, the Covaids shots. Here check this video out. A bit dated (1 Feb) but I like his videos.  It's a long video but the shots are explained.

So yes, I constantly search for truth. Recently I acquired the book "9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away" . I love this book.  The first step is diet with the message of cut the carbs (I knew that).  The exercise step recommends sprinting (not low and slow) and strength training! (both right up my alley). But mainly he teaches about how the body is its own greatest healer and that modern drugs are of limited benefit and only mask the symptoms (I had known that too) and modern doctors are only taught to treat symptoms with either pills, surgery or both. Rarely does the modern typical doctor treat the underlying cause of disease (often toxicity). His steps also recommend the spiritual part of yourself and how important that is to a healthy body and mind.  He talks a great deal about the Creator. 

And by chance he also talked about how the vaccines given to his son caused great harm and changed his life.  A main theme in the book is that Toxemia - toxicity within the body - and oxidative stress (inflammation - you learn this in the "Why We Get Fat" book) is the main cause of disease(s). In other words, what we put into our bodies on purpose or by accident causes oxidative damage which drives disease. Spiritual and mental stress can also do the same. So again, it's seemingly contrarian thinking. Most doctors will diagnose and say "you have XX disease, here are some XX drugs and take 2 Motrin and see me next week". Which is completely wrong and the "cure" of drugs merely wiped out the symptoms (and all your good bacteria to boot) and not the underlying cause. Cause and effect are backwards and we see the "experts" in all fields make this same mistake concerning anything "science".

I picked up 4 or 5 main things from this book that I now try and follow. First drink more water, lots more water and that the quality is important. Second cut out coffee (I did) and pork.  Funny thing is I lost the taste for pork after reading this book and realizing that pigs have 84% of their DNA in relationship with humans and that pig hearts are used in human heart valves.  Thirdly was (re)learning the fact that the body is an amazing piece of machinery perfected by God and that we should best be in tune with ourselves, treat it right, and it will treat us right. The last thing; it made me realize I had lost my spiritual connection with Jesus and God and was headed slowly down the wrong path. Getting my body "temple" back into spiritual order was the main impression the book left on me. Good health will flow as a result. I am working on all that now.

Living in fear of Covid was and is not healthy. And I am now questioning the entire "germ theory" (yes its still a theory) of virology to begin with and it leaves me hard pressed for answers. The only answer I can come up with is that the total shots (vaccines) given to humans since the year 1900 has to be in the tens of billions. I had never realized that the vaccine craze was so rampant in the early 1900's and may have actually caused the Spanish Flu (be sure to see part 2) "pandemic". And in all, the billions of shots really hasn't done a damn thing except keep us sick and keep us praying at the alter of Big Medicine for the next "miracle cure". So yes, now I am a vehement anti-vaxxer to boot. And why wouldn't I be? I have learned the hard way not to trust any of the "Big Food, Big Medicine" game the "experts" play or anything related to the two. Trust your own instincts.

Do you think God blesses and approves of all this poison being pumped into a young baby in his or her first years of life? I mean just look at this "vaccine" schedule and how it just keeps growing! Why??

170 million flu shots were issued last August to November and my gut instincts tells me it has a lot to do with the "second spike" of Covid.  Again the powers of contrarian thinking is that flu shots didn't protect, they caused.  Again, I am lumping "flu" with "covid" with "pneumonia" with "bronchitis" and "common cold" with every general similar-symptom lung and snot ailments because if toxicity is the cause of all of them there really is no difference in all the lung diseases I listed above particularly if "Germ Theory" is indeed total bunk (which I suspect it is). 

And if the last year's special concoction of flu shots (followed quickly by Covaid shots in December) were the cause of the toxicity, then expelling them through the lungs and having it test covid positive explains the second wave from October to now. And we already know the PCR covid test is complete bunk! And if people died, well we all know tens of thousands of people die every year from the "flu" or "pneumonia" - (except magically not last year!) I'll add that they wouldn't have to have so many died if they would prescribe medicines (HCQ and Ivermectin) that work prior to allowing your body to get overloaded and unable to cope.

So yes, the "health authorities" will continue to deny simpler, safer treatments all to keep the big "vaccine" lies going. And many thousands will again die as a result. "Go home and sweat it out unless your choking to death then come back so we can collect $$" - and by then its too late for the patient anyway. Vile, evil people. But there are other sources for safer treatments. And keep your vitamin D up! Get your daily sun!

So here is the real danger and a deadly prediction by this very blog. The "annual flu (shot) season" (as the CDC describes it) will begin in earnest this late summer and continue throughout the rest of the year. They will have convinced 200 million Americans to take the flu shot.  And those very shots will spark our "third" wave of Covid. And for those having had Covaids shots AND flu shots what do you suspect the outcome will be?  Contrarian thinking, of course, predicts the deadliest wave of lung ailments (flu, covid, pneumonia, bronchitis, etc) ever seen in this country and of course everything will magically test positive for "covid". And none of it will have been the result of a mystery virus, in which none has ever been properly isolated and shown cause to make disease.  

It will have instead been caused by the poison voluntarily injected for a 3rd time within 2021. 4 shots if you had gotten the 2020 flu shot. And it will be FIVE shots of poison if they make you get a Covaid shot #3 this fall! So think about it. You have 2 flu shots within 10-13 months, and possibly 3 Covaid shots. And you think all 5 jabs of poison is protecting you?  Oh yes, a third wave of covid will surely come. Mark my words. And it will be horrible.  And of course they will blame the "unvaccinated". Remember, Bill Gates said "there will be another pandemic shortly". He will be correct in that a lot of people will die.

Incidentally, I had flu shots in my early adult years. Like I said above, I had started my life going along with everything.  And you know what? I was always sick with something! The last flu shot I got I believe was in 2009 (after having gone 5 years without) only because I was pressured by 2 coworkers and said what the heck.  They religiously got flu shots every year and they get sick more than anyone I know. I have not been sick in a decade that I can recall other than 2 bouts of vomiting on 2 occasions in what people would call a "1 day stomach virus". Was it a virus I "caught" from external sources as per "germ theory"? Or was my intestinal system ejecting poisons that it had taken time to work out of my body and position in my stomach and intestines resulting in the big violent puke(s) and diarrhea. For there was no one else sick around me, so at the time I had no idea how I caught a "stomach bug".  It was perplexing.

The second bout of vomiting was more mild, was only a few times late at night by 9-11PM, I went to sleep and the next day I was fit enough to go to work at my normal time of 6 A.M. In fact it was very weird. Was that a "bug" as described in germ theory? Or just my body ready to expel some poisons it had gathered?

People come to the truth in their own ways and that is my story. All my life experience (and I only touched on a little bit) and research tells me the shots are literal poison. The personal horror stories littered all over the internet attest to that. The data attests to that. The journey to truth is a hard path to follow with many forks in the road. Don't believe me, go out and seek your own truth. People email me all the time and I gladly find a new paths of truth that I was not aware of before. 

But we are a dwindling number. I underestimated the power of zombie thinking that prevails in this country and other western countries. I fear we will lose.  I will never get the shots. I expect I will lose my job if they make these "approved". But I will trust that Jesus will guide me and cloth me and keep me warm even if no income. I will trust the Lord. He is the one guiding me to write these long scripts every night for if it helps a few people here and there than that is good. I have a voice and it would be easy to just "shut up and just make wave charts" but that will earn me nothing in the end.


I ran out of steam so not updating any charts. But we got the hard bounce as suspected in last night's update. Will the Wilshire make a new high to fulfill a proper minor 5? Depends on the DJIA and the Composite.

Best guess on the DJIA. Its a solid count. And its almost over.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Elliott Wave Update ~ 6 May 2021



Finally a bit of a breakthrough in the MSM. Tucker Carlson hit on the VAERS data and the usual "backlash" by the "vaccine" cheerleaders - which is pretty much just about everyone - was quickly to follow. Still, this was on the Microsoft News Feed so the narrative is slowly changing. Of course the usual garbage media responded as they always do and screed against anyone that dares goes against their preferred narrative.

You'd think with the huge push occurring at every turn, media, politicians, celebrities, newspapers, etc, that many people are probably wondering; "Just why are they so interested in me getting the shot? Its getting surreal." I think the non-stop barrage is having the opposite effect. It is starting to catch people's attention and perhaps stiffening a few spines.

But regardless, the push to get a "critical mass" of the country jabbed has come down to the garbage elites wanting to fully implement vaccine passports to control us (just like electric cars - duh!). Oh so how much the evil elites want to enshrine this "new normal" into law. But they figure they need 70% before they can make their final move. So they keep pushing. And they'll push your children if for only to get the overall % numbers higher. This is what it is about. That and yeah, they couldn't give a crap about our health. And they really do worship at the alter of Big Medicine and like shooting people up with dead aborted baby parts as part of the ritual.

The Jabbing Wars is really in only Round 3 of a 15 round fight I figure. This is the "gentle coercion" stick and carrot phase. As the "vaccine" rate continues to decline they will shift gears.

Virology is likely complete bullshit anyway. I highly recommend that video, its long but well done and actually funny in parts.  The Church of Virology is just a subsegment of the Church of Big Medicine. Not far removed from most perverted "science" nowadays like the Church of Evolution, the Church of Global Warming Climate Change, the Church of Fossil Fuels and Dinosaurs, The Church of the Big Bang, and the Church of Low Fat and the freaking "Food Pyramid" which has done more to destroy the health of North America more than anything else in the last 40 years. Thanks Big Science! 

All these pseudo religions do is turn us away from God. And that was the intent. And to make us sick, for that is the natural byproduct of turning away from God. Modern man's worship of everything but God has indeed made us sicker physically, mentally and spiritually than we have ever been before. Is it any wonder? Even our "real" churches are run by lesser men who have lost sight of God. Instead, the Pope panders to the all of the pseudo religions above and hints he is ok with abortion. Certainly he must be because aborted baby parts are a major part of Big Medicine's research to include these "vaccine" products.

Trusting and praying to Big Medicine is now the Global Message and I am truly beginning to think that the prophecies of the Book of Revelations are soon to begin playing out. But probably the New World Order first needs to be ushered in and the entire planet will be acting in somewhat (evil) unison which it certainly is concerning this "pandemic". Yet nearly 100% lack the wisdom to see it - just as it was prophesized in that very book! 

“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16-17

Now who can tell me that the coming (worldwide) vaccine passport system isn't paving the way to Hell itself?  It is the first step toward the New World Order which is likely a prerequisite to the second coming of Christ. We will already have been used to "passport" systems that enslave us and demand fealty. So that when the real false god and prophet come we will be easily deceived and readily accept the real mark of the beast. Our conditioning to evil is gaining pace with acceptance of these "vaccines" as our savior and the passport system as a "just and fair" thing as a result.

So I refuse to partake in the system to begin with and will fight with all my might. My body, my choice! And yes, I am sure some local grocery stores will deny me entry because I am not jabbed.  And people will mostly be "ok" with that which shows that a majority of people have indeed lost all sense of spirituality, that is if they had any sense to begin with. Yes, I do think the Second Coming of Christ is not too far off in the future because Satan is gathering his strength and the tentacle effects of his great evil are ever growing and ever more alarming. Yet not unexpected.  But take heart, Jesus has our backs and gives us strength!

This is definitely the time to get prepared physically, mentally and most of all spiritually. 


Lets dive right into the counts today. I'll have Covid commentary later because things are happening so fast, it deserves continued attention. 

Today was a key day. We'll approach the count from 3 different indexes and see if we can't make a guess as to market moves using all 3. 

1. We have a solid 5 waves down on the Wilshire 5000. The bearish case is that this is the first subwave (i) down from peak and today was a wave (ii) bounce or part of the bounce. On the bullish side, the 5 waves down on the Wilshire could very well be wave [c] of Minor 4 of a 3-3-5 upward flat that is now "finished."  Thus if that is the case, Minor 5 to new highs has begun this afternoon.

2. The NASDAQ Composite has 5 solid waves down from peak. The primary count has this as the first impulse lower wave (i). Wave (ii) bounce begun this afternoon and the target would be the open gap. I have no valid count at this moment for the Composite to make another new all-time high. The preimary count is that if it bounces hard, it is projected to not make a new peak. See second Comp chart.

3. The DJIA is in the opposite direction. Today counts well enough as a completed 5 wave pattern to a new all-time intraday and closing high.  The alternate count is that we are only seeing a piece of this final Minor 5 to a new all time high as shown on the second squiggle ALT count.
Logically speaking, if the Composite bounces even harder and fills the open gap down or even more, its weighting on the Wilshire will cause a significant rise. In that case the DJIA will probably tag along and keep making highs. In this scenario where the Composite shoots for a new high but fails the Wilshire however, would probably come close to making a new high thus fulfilling its own Minor 5 to a new high just like the DJIA. This is the most bullish scenario at the moment.

The flipside is that today was a wave (ii) bounce for both the Wilshire 5000 and Composite - and it may not be quite over but it will be soon - and that the DJIA has completed its Minor 5 to a new high or will shortly.  Perhaps prices hold on for a day or so, but then release in wave (iii) down for the Wilshire and Composite and the DJIA starts its own leg down from its - so far - solo peak.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Elliott Wave Update ~ 5 May 2021


And the shots don't even work anywhere close to advertised.  But of course the deeply invested people will twist themselves in a pretzel explaining why this is meaningless.


VAERS data dump May 3rd.  Associated deaths climbed to 4,178. Remember, this is the U.S. and its territories only. Europe has its own system and they are showing 8,400 dead through April 24th. Also remember that the CDC is likely sitting on hundreds of thousands of unreleased reports as easily shown in this video. Remember there are a lot of smart bloggers out there just as horrified as I am. They have all been banned from FB, YT, MSM, etc of course.  The evil runs deep.


Again, it's not a secret conspiracy if they have been telling us what they want to do out in the open for decades. This well-constructed post was published in October 2020 prior to the mass deployment of the "vaccines". Everything listed has been done and easily researched. Is it all intentional? Does it matter at this stage? In fact a few of the items on the list I remember watching or reading about in near real time (such as when Gates predicts another pandemic is coming). Megalomaniacs have no regard for humanity that much is clear.

The only thing that has not fully come true yet is in this section below that predicts mass death after the "vaccine". Yet the very release of the COVID bioweapon HAS killed millions so you can say it IS true already in that sense. 

I copied and pasted in blue. Remember this was written - Oct 2020 - prior to the mass deployment of the "vaccine":

"Covid19 vaccine for population control?

Mike Adams is a published food scientist, author of the popular science book Food Forensics and founder of ISO-accredited CWC Labs.

Years ago he said the following:

“An engineered bioweapon will be released in population centers. There will be calls for massive government funding for the vaccine industry to come up with a vaccine. Miraculously, they will have a vaccine developed in record time. Everyone will be required to line up and take this vaccine shot.”

There is indeed a release of an engineered bioweapon, followed by a vaccine mandate, massive government funding for the vaccine industry and a vaccine that is being developed in record time.

The rest of his message is that this vaccine will slowly begin to kill millions – if not billions – of people over the course of a few years. It will be a kill-switch vaccine, designed to reduce the world’s population."

We have already seen that the vaccine causes serious harm and many, many outright, painful, horrible gruesome deaths and injuries. But no one seems to care or has the guts to stand up to it all. Remember the above was printed in October of 2020.  Will millions start dying over the next few years as the result of having this nano-technologically induced gene therapy?

I myself have reasoned in this blog over the last few days that even if only 10% of 2 billion people suffer life-debilitating injuries that manifest within 24 months of the jab, that is a staggering number of people; 200 million worldwide.  And I would consider that the "floor". Remember, the current death toll only stands at 2.3 million vs. potentially 200 million maimed and/or dead. And I'm the crazy one? Even if the maimed and dead rate is a mere 1% of 2 billion = 20 million maimed or dead.  And we need these vaccines why?

Even Billy G himself has admitted vaccine harm would occur. He is of course low-balling it with the 700,000 number.  But for him to shrug off and admit that many people will be hurt is proof of his evilness.

So why do I give credence to this all? Well I explained all that a few posts back with 12 points of order on how they have disregarded everything that could have helped save lives and continue to refuse and have only pushed the "vaccine, vaccine, vaccine." The #1 thing was the outright early denial and outlawing of the use of the very safe and effective HCQ and Ivermectin. I was flabbergasted and disgusted last April when these treatments were being denied and I didn't want to believe they would let something that worked be ignored and let people die. I remember the agonizing nights I worried I would be denied medical treatment (and I STILL would be) based on lies and agendas. But I have realized my salvation is not in looking to Big Medicine or expecting politicians to do the right thing. I never should have been. I had forgotten that the Lord is my Savior.

So the seed of horror and disgust was well-planted in my mind last year by the actions of evil Fauci and all his political minions last April 2020. And I have not forgotten that lesson. Every step taken since (as explained in my 12 points) has absolutely reinforced the idea that they really do want us dead or couldn't care less. The evil is real, and it is global

All this shapes one's mind with a laser focus. Notice I have not even mentioned the stolen election! That was the topper. Trump would have been a continued thorn in the world's side. But then again, HE is the one who had no leadership on this.  Warp Speed was HIS idea and he pushed this like a junkie.  

So in the end politics doesn't matter anymore if you haven't noticed. I don't care anymore as the proof of a Uniparty was reinforced through the massively tainted election (and the continued jailing without bond of the January 6th trespassers). Yes there are still a few speedbumps the forces of evil still need to defeat such as DeSantis who championed against vaccine passports. I cheer that development and others of course, but again, it feels like there is no real pushback because ALL the politicians (DeSantis included) of every stripe encourage (and brag) about vaccination rates. Very short-sighted!  Sad!

So politics is meaningless at this stage as all the politicians have been thoroughly captured. The rift will be as I have predicted: The "jabbed" vs. the "unjabbed". And its heating up. The jabbed are trying to create an overwhelming majority of jabbed (so they can be compromised and thus remain silent) in order to finally trample the rights of the unjabbed.  The consensus goal seems to be "70%" of the adult population fully "vaccinated". And they are using "stick and carrot" approach to try and achieve this. I suppose, 70% is the predicted percentage required where they feel they can steamroll the rest of society with impunity. It has worked in the past, the NAZI's used the same tactics (with only 33% initial support) in taking over Germany and submitting it to total control.

This 70% number seems to have been derived from our Constitutional Amendment process where as it takes 2/3's (67%) of Congress to vote "yes" and 3/4 (75%) of state legislatures to approve an amendment.  70% is simply in between. A nice round majority number. Once they get 70%, they will (try) to steamroll the rest of us.

And I am beginning to think it would be the "Mark of the Beast" moment if that ever comes to pass.

This is why they are racing against time to reach this "critical mass" of 70% adults jabbed. For if this really does start to outright massively debilitate people in less than 2 years, the clock is ticking. For how can a debilitated person ever fight back effectively particularly if the jab causes some form of "sponge brain"? Messing with proteins in genes, cells and DNA is a dangerous business.  Are you telling me this crap they inject only does one tiny thing with only one tiny effect? Your smoking crack if you believe that as the deaths and injuries have already proven without a shadow of a doubt that the poison being injected is capable of doing a full range of things - all of them bad - in the human body.


When will the market figure this out?  Well that's why we count! And the count is sure damn close to being done. 

Again, how many agreed to take shots #3, 4, 5, 6? Well, as explained last night, once again everyone refused to read the EULA when you agreed to the first 2 shots! But its in the fine print you silly people!  Once you are "captured" and a vaccine passport is here to stay you will have to keep it current you big dummy!

So again, if your NOT willing to take Russian Roulette shots 3, 4, 5, and 6, why did you agree to take the first two??

And if your not willing to "submit" your children to the Elite Overlord Shotmasters, again why did you take the first two for yourself and submit to the system in the first place??

They have compromised all of you to submit to the system and demand you submit your children. Yet I am confident, there will be plenty of people that have a serious problem once they get a true taste of vaccine passports and what the system will demand of you. They will have a problem getting their 4 year olds shot up and they will get angry when those shots kill and maim as they are already doing to children.  They will revolt assuming they are mentally functioning enough to where they are able to resist.

The big problem could be that the major overall "side effect" of these shots seems to elicit a mental fog of the brain (sponge brain).  The shots will effect clear and sharp thinking. Almost like the onset of Alzheimer's or dementia. In some people it will be severe and cause death. In many it will only cause short term blank stares and temporary memory loss such as the effects that statins have shown to do when taken long term. One minute your driving down the road, the next minute you forget how to drive your car and have a "Vaxxident". Or you screw up at work on a simple engineering problem and it results in a project being ruined or delayed or even deadly.

Again, a mentally foggy and subdued populace - as a direct result of the vaccines - is easier to control. Easier to submit to fear which is already predicted to happen via the wave cycle due to go bearish on a historic collapse that this blog is calling for.

I pray that enough people will come to their senses...but the pressure to get the shot is overwhelming. And kids won't have any say - millions may be harmed. Its being pushed at all levels at all times. There is some hope though. There are already court cases and it only takes one brave judge as there will be MANY cases. But I have no confidence in our captured court system as they too, are all shot up and will have sponge brain-itis just like the rest of the country.

You can BET that the CEO's of Moderna and Pfizer did NOT shoot this poison into their systems. Nor did Bill Gates.  

One other thing I wanted to mention is that if you have ever read the Bible's Book of Revelations, the "setting" of the world that takes place in the prophecies is one of a "united evil' so to speak. In other words, the book seems to imply and acknowledge that the world is acting uniformly evil as in a One World Government. Jesus and his angels do not do battle with just this country or that country but a seemingly "one world entity" that is united in evil.

Simply put, the "prerequisite" for the Book of Revelations is the already implementation of a One World Government. And that's what this "vaccine" rollout feels like.  The final curtain call of the "old" world and the beginning of the rise of the "New World Order".  Fight it with all your might, your soul likely depends on it.


The DJIA finally achieved its new high!  I was correct to surmise that the DJIA count was the one to watch today. Therefore we now have ALL indices at a "minimum" wave count that could be considered "complete". So lets see what happens.

Of course there is room to run higher but its not required. But I like the counts completed just where they are. EWI is calling for a Minor 4 triangle to develop on the SPX (and hence Wilshire by implication) and then Minor 5 up. That could very well happen so I mention it here, however again, the CPCE has seemingly bottomed on many time scales and turned upwards. All moving averages are poised to launch back to the mean. 

Perhaps the DJIA needs a final tiny squiggle or two which implies the Wilshire, SPX and COMPOSITE will likely not be at new highs. 

The Wilshire. I placed the 5 back where I had it since the price behavior today did not follow the DJIA and the DOW has fulfilled its minimal wave count.  On a squiggle scale, the last 2 days do not count as impulsive up on the Wilshire so I can only assume its a corrective up wave or part of one.
The price behavior of the Composite and its wave count does not lend to the idea that the market will continue to trudge onward. But really, I have no decent alt count anyway even if it did.
NYSE also counts nice "as is". 
Here is the kicker though. The CPCE has stealthily and seemingly bottomed and started to curl upwards like a coiled spring. It has gathered a tremendous amount of stored energy and the coming release will be spectacular because it is coming from such an insanely overleveraged state.

Therefore, I am hard-pressed at this time to suggest the market keeps chugging sideways and/or upwards. The time may be at hand.


Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Elliott Wave Update ~ 4 May 2021


I have never been swabbed for Covid and I think the fact that they shove it all the way back in your nose near your brain was always strange and sinister to me on why this had to be done this way. But I think its done on purpose and likely for sinister reasons. 1) It gets us used to the procedure for the next "pandemic" bioweapon attack. 2) Its a ritual, and an act of domination. Take this test! Or your denied entry to the hospital (to see your dying daughter or son) 3) There is something that resides deep near our brain that benefits those who wish the tests be positive. 

Incidentally there has never been the idea or science of "false positives" sickness in the world prior to Covid. This is a completely made up science. If you have no symptoms, you're not sick. The very definition of sickness is to show sickness symptoms. "asymptomatic transmission" is more lies and bullshit used in the furtherance of their Covid agenda.

I vow to not only never get the shot, but to never let them stick a swab near my brain base for the Cult of Covid. The mask is bad enough. 

Besides it looks dangerous and damaging!

On the flipside of the argument, when you get a shot, and get symptoms (i.e.- "side" effects") they claim your NOT sick and its all just normal "immune stuff going on". So lets review:

1. No symptoms, get a brain swab that "tests" positive: "asymptomatic" sickness, quarantine for 14 days.

2. Get the jab, have chills, achiness, a fever of a 101 degrees for a day: NOT sick and cannot possibly spread anything bad. 

It doesn't even pass the elementary critical thinking common sense test. Its all bullshit. If your body has a freaking 102 degree fever from you getting the jab, it is trying to deal with a PATHOGEN and your body is trying to stamp it out, eject it, etc.  Its why people are dying in the thousands from this thing. And it helps explain why the jabbed are affecting the unjabbed via transmission through the expelling of the poison that was pumped into them in the first place. 

People are so freaking stupid they spew utter nonsense and have no common sense.


First things first. Their is no secret "conspiracy" if they have been publishing their plans all alongGodless people have been promising to do godless things out in the open for decades. Its not a secret. They depend on the masses not processing what they are saying until its too late (and its tool late!)

Important video that explains this exactly.

This blog predicted that the final tally of fully "vaccinated" people in the U.S. would end at a Fibonacci 38.2%. I am leaving out the (5+) millions who skipped out on their second shots. Why? Because I tend to believe these people had their own personal "awakening" and decided the risk is too great as perhaps they had severe side effects.  In other words, if having to be coerced into getting another shot, most would resist or disagree. 

So where do we stand on total U.S. population fully "vaccinated"?  31.8%. So we have another 6.4% to go. We probably make it and go higher. Hopefully not to 50%.

But these ghouls are opening up the shots to 12 year olds maybe even this week. The jabs are being rushed (because the window is closing). Many ignorant, ghoulish parents will line their kids (who will have NO SAY) up to be jabbed to satisfy the ancient devil deity beast Moloch himself.

And then they are already doing trials on 6 months old and up and hope to get them approved by September. Yes, these people are doing evil's bidding - pushing this gene therapy on babies!

But I ask everyone who felt coerced or just didn't bother to do any research (100% encountered) whatsoever about getting the shots.  And I ask this simple question: 

Are you prepared to get a third shot? Their response is invariably the same; one of surprise and confusion. Then I explain that if they submit to the jabs now (to keep employment, to fly to Europe, etc), they will have to keep submitting for shots #3, 4, etc. which will surely follow year after year.

So invariably I tell them if they are not willing to get a third shot, then why submit to the first 2? This leaves them confused. Most end up saying "Well, I'll worry about that if the time comes". Such is the logic of today's critical thinkers. 3rd shot might be too much, but jabs 1 and 2 are acceptable I guess. I don't understand it.  

But I do understand they took the jab based on hope, fear, greed, complacency, and risk all occurring at the same time. These are sure signs we are rounding a Grand Supercycle top indeed as strong traits of both a bull and bear market are in play all at the same time on a massive worldwide scale!

And if I have any readers left, and you are a believer in the shots I ask you point blank: Are YOU, dear reader prepared to load the bullet in the gun again and get jab #3 when they demand it come November or January?  Don't like that idea? Well maybe you should have gave it more thought. 

And this, folks, is where we are at. These next few weeks will be the "weeks of subtle coercion" as we are seeing politicians bloviate that the unvaccinated will kill people (really? Then what good was the fucking "vaccine" for in the first place??)  and they make no sense. But the masses are already going mush-brained and are unable to think clearly. The "jabbed" are afraid of dying from Covid even though they took the jab! Which means they don't really believe it works anyway and are just "doing their duty". Worshipping at the alter of Big Medicine and demanding we ALL do the same. Well fuck that.

Well, you'll have to do your duty and get that freaking jab #3! And then 4! Are your papers up to date please?

I think its rather a collective guilt of those who got jabbed demand that the unjabbed share the risk or be punished. Its like playing Russian roulette. You have 1 bullet in 6 chambers. They seemingly "survived" their turn and now they demand you take your turn. Incidentally Russian roulette using 6 chambers and 1 bullet is a very apt description of these shots. In other words, if you lasted 4 years, and had to take a jab each year from here on out, 1 of the 6 jabs will likely kill you outright or have such a debilitating overall cumulative effect, that it won't matter if your dead or not.

The Stock market (representing the collective mood of the masses) hasn't quite figured this all out yet obviously. But the overall Grand Supercycle peak suggests that it will figure it out and likely before the end of May 2021, the top will have rolled over for good. That is the danger.


Again, the DJIA has yet to ideally "finish" its count as I have been suggesting for the last 2 days.  Therefore the best count is that it will finish with at least a new all-time intraday high - which is not that far away. 

So if the DJIA reached a new high what would happen to the Wilshire 5000? Well, We can give it the same count in that today (or tomorrow) will be the price low of Minor 4 of (5) and that Minor 5 will carry to new all-time highs eventually sometime this month.

And after 2 attempts at the upper trendline (I think), perhaps after a head fake today it will shoot toward it which will actually be bearish because it will have fulfilled the wedge theory.
But again, it may not reach a new high particularly if the Composite continues to deteriorate. So we have many options I try to outline on this chart.  We have to be patient and let it all resolve. Tops are messy affairs with a cross-current of emotions at numerous wave degrees.

So we could either label Minor 4 as an upward flat or even an expanded flat if we get one more shakeout early tomorrow.  The Wilshire is probably not the key index to look at - again as suggested keep an eye on the DJIA which seemingly wants that new high.  Once the DOW is done, this market may be cooked for good.
I'll probably have more later.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Elliott Wave Update ~ 3 May 2021


CDC VAERS. Again, if you watched my video link below you realize that the CDC has likely only released a small portion of the reports that they actually have.  Maybe only 10-20%, and if so, that means there are actually hundreds of thousands of reports not actually yet made public.

Even still, the numbers are horrific. Here is the category for "DEATH" ages 6 -17 years.  The people offering their children up to this madness are horrible people. 6 deaths, and 1 by suicide and yes there is reason to believe that kid was so physically injured that he took the only way out and ended it all.

Another site to ponder.


This just flashed: Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorced! This is very curious timing indeed! One can only speculate. And since I'm just a crappy little blog who no one reads, I'll do just that!  

Did Melinda get injured by contagion in these vaccines? I can't imagine she actually took the jab, but if she did, one can only speculate that she got injured somehow.  Are women in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation secretly pleading with her of all the evidence of what vaccines are doing to people particularly women maybe even those within the Foundation? This implies that Melinda actually has a heart in there somewhere. Did she ask Bill to have these Covid jabs stopped immediately and he refused?

Bill controls all the major vaccines. If Bill was to say "Stop!" - and pulled the plug financially - you can bet they would be stopped.

But he likely refused. And was that the last straw for Melinda?

It is curious their joint statement said "We no longer believe we can grow as a couple in this next phase of our lives."  This is curious phrasing. What is or what was planned to be the "next phase"? 

Or does she have insider information that the plug is about to be pulled on these vaccines sooner than we think and she wants to distance herself from the tremendous backlash that Bill will receive (he is already one of the most hated men in the world).

Or is it some combination of all of the above and that these were the final straws? Or is Melinda about ready to go rogue and public? Hmm, probably not that, but something is going on!

In any event, Clif_High over at Bitchute would likely call this event a potential "temporal marker".

[P.S. - I am counting on the women of the world to put an end to this experimental gene therapy madness. This is due to the fact they seem to be affected the most concerning the reproductive system of those that were jabbed and even those that were not.]



The information dam is breaking on the monstrous "vaccines". When one looks in the otherworld (the part which is not controlled by Big Tech monopolies) of the internet like Bitchute and all the other alternate media platforms, the talk is all about the "vaccines" and the horrible things they are doing to people particularly women whether they have been jabbed or not. This information is starting to bubble through the highly protected mainstream propaganda guardians such as Facebook, You Tube, all of network news and newspapers, all of government sources at all levels. Yes, cracks are appearing.

And at major inflection points, a crack can burst into a torrential flood in a flash. I propose we are reaching one of those points very soon and it will likely coincide with the biggest market collapse and rush to the exits that anyone has ever witnessed.

One of the more disturbing things is the reports on female (and male) reproductive systems and the tremendous harm these contagious shots are doing.  It is no longer hard to convince anyone that the goal was world depopulation all along when so many are harmed all over the world in exactly that way

I repeat: When the "vaccines" are permanently halted due to the truth coming out in a big way, those who have been pimping these things non-stop is in for the most tremendous backlash ever.  And that's pretty much every institution worldwide, every major media outlet, every politician, and every corporation, business and even the churches.

The CDC's VAERS website is likely NOT publishing data in a timely matter at all. We may be seeing only 10 -15% of what is and was actually reported. There is a myriad of very smart bloggers who track this data every week and show convincingly that the CDC is sitting on a TON of reports.  This video demonstrates this very easily. Regardless, deaths went up 581 in the update last Friday.

There very well could be 20K+ deaths in the U.S. system alone.  Vioxx probably killed 30K+  before it was finally pulled from the market but Vioxx wasn't being shoved down everyone's throats worldwide in only a matter of months.

So again, what we have here is the perfect storm. You cannot hide the deaths, the injuries, and the impact these are having on so many people for much longer. Vaccine hesitancy is not only here, but it is likely to turn into vaccine anger on a scale unfathomable to the stupid pricks who thought this was a good idea pumping experimental shots in the entire world. 

You can censor the internet and media all you can (and they have been tremendously successful), but word of mouth - and the alternate media of the internet - still exists.  I have never linked to Alex Jones, but he is raising hell about the issue so I'll give him credit as he is still a thorn in the side of the media "gatekeepers."

We are just waiting for the spark to light the fire.  

Again, I ask you, what will happen when the market realizes the experimental shots (now 1.3 Billion served! - so they say) was the biggest mistake in human history as I have been saying all along?

You have your financial collapse catalyst staring you in the face.  They jabbed 1/7th of the world and the results are not pretty. The 1/7th is starting to warn the other 6/7th that it was all a huge mistake. Its still in the trickle stage, but that should change before the month of May is over.  The next many weeks will be the "struggle" between the jabbed vs. the unjabbed and I do not underestimate the forces of evil. There is too much invested for them to relinquish so easily. Regardless, I am confident the market (and the human race for that matter!) will figure it out anyway no matter how much the propaganda continues.

The shots are not even proving effective to what they told us was their main purpose; to keep people out of the hospital. 

The greatest greedy, lying, evil scam ever will be the peak of Grand Supercycle wave III.  It is only fitting. We have peaked on the "good news" of the "vaccines" as a worldwide savior but that very lie will soon launch the great collapse. It makes for a good dystopian movie or fiction novel. Except it's not. It is really happening. 

And if its true that those who got the shots will start having serious afflictions of all kinds within 2 years at a major rate, then reality is not going to be good at all.  Imagine if the serious affliction rate was "only" 25%...that's some 350 million already doomed to suffer. And we are still jabbing at a furious rate so that will be higher. Even at only a 10% serious affliction outcome rate is an astounding number of people and most of them are our neighbors and co-workers because the Western world just begged for these things by praying at the alter of Big Medicine. 


I mentioned in Friday's update that the DJIA did not quite "finish" its count and that it could see a spike higher with the Wilshire 5000 not following. Well the DJIA did not quite make a new peak, but it came close. Perhaps a pop tomorrow? That would finish its pattern perfectly and set up a major non-confirmation perhaps.

And yes the Wilshire surged this morning and faded. DJIA up 0.7%, Composite down 0.5%.

Wilshire is missing intraday data. Top alternate is that the shitshow goes on for a bunch more weeks as the true Minor 4 of (5) has yet to bottom. Again the collapse is likely to coincide with the halting of the vaccines.  That is unpredictable but social mood should turn against before they are halted. I'm spitballing here out loud.
This is such an interesting chart. The market "mess" over the last 13 months makes perfect sense if viewed through the lens of an ending diagonal triangle wedge that has been squeezed and artificially elongated out of proportion due to unnatural computer-induced leverage. Yet the markers are still there for all to see.

The outcome of this would be a price collapse carrying prices to beneath where the wedge started - March 2020 low.