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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Elliott Wave Update ~ 4 May 2021


I have never been swabbed for Covid and I think the fact that they shove it all the way back in your nose near your brain was always strange and sinister to me on why this had to be done this way. But I think its done on purpose and likely for sinister reasons. 1) It gets us used to the procedure for the next "pandemic" bioweapon attack. 2) Its a ritual, and an act of domination. Take this test! Or your denied entry to the hospital (to see your dying daughter or son) 3) There is something that resides deep near our brain that benefits those who wish the tests be positive. 

Incidentally there has never been the idea or science of "false positives" sickness in the world prior to Covid. This is a completely made up science. If you have no symptoms, you're not sick. The very definition of sickness is to show sickness symptoms. "asymptomatic transmission" is more lies and bullshit used in the furtherance of their Covid agenda.

I vow to not only never get the shot, but to never let them stick a swab near my brain base for the Cult of Covid. The mask is bad enough. 

Besides it looks dangerous and damaging!

On the flipside of the argument, when you get a shot, and get symptoms (i.e.- "side" effects") they claim your NOT sick and its all just normal "immune stuff going on". So lets review:

1. No symptoms, get a brain swab that "tests" positive: "asymptomatic" sickness, quarantine for 14 days.

2. Get the jab, have chills, achiness, a fever of a 101 degrees for a day: NOT sick and cannot possibly spread anything bad. 

It doesn't even pass the elementary critical thinking common sense test. Its all bullshit. If your body has a freaking 102 degree fever from you getting the jab, it is trying to deal with a PATHOGEN and your body is trying to stamp it out, eject it, etc.  Its why people are dying in the thousands from this thing. And it helps explain why the jabbed are affecting the unjabbed via transmission through the expelling of the poison that was pumped into them in the first place. 

People are so freaking stupid they spew utter nonsense and have no common sense.


First things first. Their is no secret "conspiracy" if they have been publishing their plans all alongGodless people have been promising to do godless things out in the open for decades. Its not a secret. They depend on the masses not processing what they are saying until its too late (and its tool late!)

Important video that explains this exactly.

This blog predicted that the final tally of fully "vaccinated" people in the U.S. would end at a Fibonacci 38.2%. I am leaving out the (5+) millions who skipped out on their second shots. Why? Because I tend to believe these people had their own personal "awakening" and decided the risk is too great as perhaps they had severe side effects.  In other words, if having to be coerced into getting another shot, most would resist or disagree. 

So where do we stand on total U.S. population fully "vaccinated"?  31.8%. So we have another 6.4% to go. We probably make it and go higher. Hopefully not to 50%.

But these ghouls are opening up the shots to 12 year olds maybe even this week. The jabs are being rushed (because the window is closing). Many ignorant, ghoulish parents will line their kids (who will have NO SAY) up to be jabbed to satisfy the ancient devil deity beast Moloch himself.

And then they are already doing trials on 6 months old and up and hope to get them approved by September. Yes, these people are doing evil's bidding - pushing this gene therapy on babies!

But I ask everyone who felt coerced or just didn't bother to do any research (100% encountered) whatsoever about getting the shots.  And I ask this simple question: 

Are you prepared to get a third shot? Their response is invariably the same; one of surprise and confusion. Then I explain that if they submit to the jabs now (to keep employment, to fly to Europe, etc), they will have to keep submitting for shots #3, 4, etc. which will surely follow year after year.

So invariably I tell them if they are not willing to get a third shot, then why submit to the first 2? This leaves them confused. Most end up saying "Well, I'll worry about that if the time comes". Such is the logic of today's critical thinkers. 3rd shot might be too much, but jabs 1 and 2 are acceptable I guess. I don't understand it.  

But I do understand they took the jab based on hope, fear, greed, complacency, and risk all occurring at the same time. These are sure signs we are rounding a Grand Supercycle top indeed as strong traits of both a bull and bear market are in play all at the same time on a massive worldwide scale!

And if I have any readers left, and you are a believer in the shots I ask you point blank: Are YOU, dear reader prepared to load the bullet in the gun again and get jab #3 when they demand it come November or January?  Don't like that idea? Well maybe you should have gave it more thought. 

And this, folks, is where we are at. These next few weeks will be the "weeks of subtle coercion" as we are seeing politicians bloviate that the unvaccinated will kill people (really? Then what good was the fucking "vaccine" for in the first place??)  and they make no sense. But the masses are already going mush-brained and are unable to think clearly. The "jabbed" are afraid of dying from Covid even though they took the jab! Which means they don't really believe it works anyway and are just "doing their duty". Worshipping at the alter of Big Medicine and demanding we ALL do the same. Well fuck that.

Well, you'll have to do your duty and get that freaking jab #3! And then 4! Are your papers up to date please?

I think its rather a collective guilt of those who got jabbed demand that the unjabbed share the risk or be punished. Its like playing Russian roulette. You have 1 bullet in 6 chambers. They seemingly "survived" their turn and now they demand you take your turn. Incidentally Russian roulette using 6 chambers and 1 bullet is a very apt description of these shots. In other words, if you lasted 4 years, and had to take a jab each year from here on out, 1 of the 6 jabs will likely kill you outright or have such a debilitating overall cumulative effect, that it won't matter if your dead or not.

The Stock market (representing the collective mood of the masses) hasn't quite figured this all out yet obviously. But the overall Grand Supercycle peak suggests that it will figure it out and likely before the end of May 2021, the top will have rolled over for good. That is the danger.


Again, the DJIA has yet to ideally "finish" its count as I have been suggesting for the last 2 days.  Therefore the best count is that it will finish with at least a new all-time intraday high - which is not that far away. 

So if the DJIA reached a new high what would happen to the Wilshire 5000? Well, We can give it the same count in that today (or tomorrow) will be the price low of Minor 4 of (5) and that Minor 5 will carry to new all-time highs eventually sometime this month.

And after 2 attempts at the upper trendline (I think), perhaps after a head fake today it will shoot toward it which will actually be bearish because it will have fulfilled the wedge theory.
But again, it may not reach a new high particularly if the Composite continues to deteriorate. So we have many options I try to outline on this chart.  We have to be patient and let it all resolve. Tops are messy affairs with a cross-current of emotions at numerous wave degrees.

So we could either label Minor 4 as an upward flat or even an expanded flat if we get one more shakeout early tomorrow.  The Wilshire is probably not the key index to look at - again as suggested keep an eye on the DJIA which seemingly wants that new high.  Once the DOW is done, this market may be cooked for good.
I'll probably have more later.

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